Baby Shower Venues?? - Flower Mound,TX

Updated on October 06, 2013
A.T. asks from Grapevine, TX
6 answers

I am planning a baby shower for my sister who is an event planner so I would like to find somewhere unique to have the shower. Do you have any ideas for unique places for a shower?

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answers from Phoenix on

The zoo, aquarium, an art museum, a botanical garden. If she is adventurous maybe an amusement park or even something like miniature golf or other kid theme that you turn into kitchy-chic. If she is young, likes (liked) to go out to clubs, maybe even a night club that will work with you on some great mocktails, get the whole crowd involved in baby games. If she is a bookworm, do it at a great local bookstore and have everyone bring their childhood favorite book, do a children's book themed scavenger hunt, have tea and snacks with a literary theme. If she is into gardening, maybe a local garden center or florist, have everyone work on decorating and filling a planter or hanging decorations on a young tree to plant in their yard when the baby is born.

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answers from San Francisco on

botanical gardens or some kind of garden club or arboretum would be really pretty. You could do a fancy tea room. We once did tea at the Ritz Carlton for a friend's bridal shower and it was a really nice event.

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answers from Washington DC on

A museum?

A botanical garden or park?

A hotel?

A tea room?

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answers from Rochester on

A children's museum?



answers from Detroit on

My cousin's was at an eclectic store. There were antiques, one of a kind modern art pieces, very unique. We sat around on couches right in the store (while it was open for business). The store allows this in exchange for a charity donation. It was a smallish shower, so it worked.

Another cousin used the local library.

It is a hard question to answer not being from your area, but check around and ask around locally.



answers from Los Angeles on

How about the Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek?

Or a fancy hotel in your town

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