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Batman Birthday Cake

Hey Mamma's! Due to a last minute change in plans, I need a Batman themed birthday cake by Saturday for my 6 yr old's party! Does anyone know where to get one? I do not have time to bake it myself and I really want it to look cool. Not concerned about price, just where to get the best cake at such short notice! Thanks!


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Toddler Dinosaur Party Ideas

My son's 2 year birthday party will be here in October. It will be a dinosaur theme with a few relatives and other toddlers invited. So far I'm going to hide small dinosaurs and other related objects in the sandbox for digging. I'm also going to make a dino board with holes for the kids to throw bean bags through. I already have a cake planned out. I'm looking for other fun ideas to add to the party....either activities or food or decorations. THanks!


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3Yr Old Bday Party

I am having a b-day party for my son who is turning 3 on Sunday. Does anyone have any ideas for games. The kids are 3-9. I just need something simple and that can be done indoors. The party is a fireman theme. Any input would be appreciated.


Fire Station Party

My son is turning 8 in March and he would like to have a fireman themed...

Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

My soon to be 4 year old loves Indiana Jones. I want to decorate the house while he is sleeping for his birthday. The only decorations I saw that might work would be the tiki stuff. Does anyone have any good creative decorating ideas for an Indiana Jones theme?


Son's Birthday Party

My son really really wants an Indiana Jones birthday party. Problem is there...

Scooby Doo

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Scooby Doo Themed Birthday Cake ... HELP!

Hi Moms, My son is turning 4 next month and he is suddenly enthralled with Scooby Doo. So, I am going with a Scooby Doo themed party. I was able to easily find decorations and paper products to match the theme but I am not having any luck finding a bakery that has a Scooby themed cake. I've tried the bakeries at Stop & Shop, Shaws, BJs, and Hannafords. I'm not too familiar with any actual bakeries in my area (Attleboro) but if anyone has used or knows of one that may be able to help I would be grateful if you could pass along the name. I...


Sons Birthday Party

We were doing Shrek but changed our minds to Scooby Doo. We love Scooby. ...


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Where Can I Get Shrek Themed Stuff?

My soon to be 2 year old daughter loves Shrek and I want to her b-day party in that theme. I havent seen anything at Party City or Target that would have that stuff. Anyone have ideas for where I can get it?


Third Birthday Party

I need some help with my daughter's third birthday coming up in February. ...


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Need Advice on Money Tree for 8 Yr Bday Party

I am throwing my son a bowling party for his 8th birthday and all he wants is a wii gaming system as a gift. They a very expensive and I cannot afford one alone. What I want to know is if it would be tacky to ask for some sort of money tree from his guest for the gaming system instead of gifts and how would I go about doing it if I decided to do this. I've never been really good at these sort of things and would really appreciate the opinions of other moms.


Family Costume Ideas

I know Halloween is a long way away, but I like to plan ahead. My husband...


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Spiderman Birthday Party

Does anyone have any ideas for a Spiderman party? We are holding it at a rec club that has a ball pit, nets (webs) to climb and a slide, so I don't think we'll have time for too many games, but any ideas for food, favors, invitations,or decorations would be great. Our son will be turning 4, and about half the guests will be girls. Thank you!

Sports Theme

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Sports Theme Party for 6Yr

Hello Great Moms! I am having a sports theme party for my son who is turning 6 years old. we are having it at a local park with plenty of open space. I want to play a few games at the party. Do you have any good ideas for games (sport ones) that you have done or seen done at a birthday party. Or just any good sport ideas in general for birthday parties? All ideas welcome!! Thank you so much for helping!!!


Theme Birthday Party

My son can't decide whether to do a Pirates of the Caribbean for his 6th...


The Sports Question

When my son was very young he was somewhat uncoordinated. He tried t-ball...

Star Wars or Clone Wars

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Clone Wars Birthday Party Ideas

I'm planning a Clone Wars birthday party for my 6 yr old for this weekend, and I found a few activity ideas online, but didn't really LOVE them. Can you give me some ideas for easy to prepare party games for 10-15 6 yr olds?

Train or Thomas the Tank Engine

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Looking for Party Location for 3Yr Old into Thomas the Tank Engine

Hello, I'm looking for a party location to have our 3yr old b-day party. He is BIG on trains especially Thomas the Tank Engine. Everything & everyone is one of the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine. Everyday he is a different train including Mommy, Daddy, & 4yr old brother. I'm usually Emily or Molly. He wears his conductor hat at all times & carries a train & or one of his Thomas the tank Engine books everywhere he goes. He's been asking for a Thomas the Tank Engine theme party since last year which I didn't do. I'd prefer the...