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CD Player for Baby's Room

I want to purchase a cd player for the baby's room - for herclassical and baby einstein. What do you recommend?


Is My Baby Bored?

My 7 month old baby boy doesn't sit still. His attention span is quite short...

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Ideas for a Creative First Birthday Party for My Daughter

I really want to create a fun and exciting birthday for my daughter who will be turning 1 in November. It's a ways away but I want to start thinking of creative ideas. I consider myself creative so I'm wondering if any of you moms are the same way too. I just want it to be a fun and interesting day for her. For example I wanted to do a theme and have it be something she loves of course but am sort of stuck and need some help. She loves anything Baby Einstein and loves dogs. Any suggestions?

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Baby Einstien Cake

My son will be turning one in Jan. and he loves the turtle w/scuba gear on...

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DD 1St Birthday - Any Ideas

My DD will turn 1 in a couple of months. Does anyone have ideas on how to celebrate this. I do not really have a lot of friends with 1 yr olds or girls. All of my friends children are at least 4-5 and are boys. I want to do something, but I also do not want to bore those people that do not have kids. HELP Also, I keep reading that at 1 children are interested in certain things like blues clues or pooh or whatever. My daughter has no preference, if she does I have not noticed it. Am I doing something wrong? She has tons of toys and she just...

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1St Birthday Party Idea's

My Daughter will be 1 at the end of Oct. I am trying to get idea's for her birthday party. I am going to make the invititations so I just want to start thinking about a "Theme" Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks so much

Sports Theme

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First Birthday Party Favors?

Hiya mamas, I need some ideas on what to do for party favors for my sons first birthday. There will be variety of kids of varying ages at this party and was hoping to have something fun to give out to the kids and/or adults. I'm doing a sports theme birthday party for my lil guy. For my daughters first birthday I gave everyone a personalized 4x6 notepad that read "Thank you for celebrating my first birthday".


One Year Old Party

Today my baby turns one year old! I thought it would be fun for us to share...


Theme Birthday Party

My son can't decide whether to do a Pirates of the Caribbean for his 6th...