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Updated on November 12, 2014
L.O. asks from Morrisville, PA
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My daughter has been invited to an American Girl birthday party. She does not have an AG doll and I know the store will let her borrow one. I am unsure about taking her. I know she will want to buy a doll once we get there. I'm not going to buy her one, I think they are way too expensive. I'm not also not sure what to give as a gift. Are you expected to buy an AG item, or will another gift be OK? The birthday girl is in my daughters class but they are not friends away from school.

i just want to add that I am not against AG. even if I could afford to buy one, I still probably wouldn't as she does not take care of the toys she has now.

Thanks, L.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter and I went to an American Girl doll party . We had lunch in the cafe and it was so much fun ! None of the girls bought anything . We didn't open gifts there . We did look around though . It was really fun . An experience I would not pass up ! Please take her and have fun ๐Ÿ˜Š

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answers from Reading on

Kind of interesting question. My kids have gone to swimming parties, but I didn't buy them a pool. They've gone to laser tag parties, but I didn't buy them laser guns. Bowling, but they don't own bowling shoes. Or balls. We've gone to all kinds of parties that didn't result in $100 investments.

You don't mention how old your child is, but if she is school age, I would handle it this way:
1) I would explain your position on the party and buying the doll.
2) I would explain that she doesn't take care of her toys now as it is.
3) I would take her to the party to celebrate her friend's birthday (seems kind of selfish not to go just because of that - it's the kid's birthday and she wants friends to celebrate with!), and I would let her play with the doll. Then, I would offer that if she really, really wants the doll, she will have to earn it a) by taking care of her toys now, b) by choosing some things to sell now to declutter and make room for a new toy, c) by doing chores to show responsibility. If she wants something badly enough, this would be a good teaching experience for her. And honestly, you'd be teaching her that jealousy trumps friendships by not taking her just because she wants the doll you won't get her.

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answers from Tampa on

Hi...we went to an American Girl party once and my girls DID NOT have an AG doll. They took one of their other "bigger dolls" and all was well. As long as the mom hosting the party is on track and doesn't make it a big deal, the kids won't. I am guessing the girl is about 7, 8 or 9? The kids mostly want to play, share doll clothes and pretend and eat junk food :) Try not to stress. Oh, and, no, we didn't get AG stuff.

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answers from Washington DC on

How old is she? If you're concerned that she will want a doll, I figure she must be pretty young. Is she old enough that you can talk with her before the party -- both the day before and the day of the party too -- and set her expectations? If she's not old enough to handle that, she's not old enough for AG.

You are not expected to buy anything from AG. The store doesn't expect it and neither should the birthday kid or her parents. I'm not sure why you feel all this pressure around this event, but I'd wager that if your girl and the birthday girl were friends outside school you might feel a lot more relaxed about all this--?

By the way, AG is not just about dolls though unfortunately it's growing away from the initial book-to-doll tie-in that made it appealing when it got started. The historical character book series are great. When your daughter's able to appreciate the books without pleading for the stuff, please don't let a dislike of the expensive goods prevent you from reading the books with her -- they're in the library, and are good introductions to historical fiction.

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter went to an AG party last summer (2013) and did not have to buy anything. I sent her with spending money from her account, and she purchased some items for herself, but a lot of the girls did not. (I did not go, the mom of the party, and good friend of mine, drove everyone.)

We also did not gift her friend with AG stuff. I don't remember what we got her, but it was likely $30 or less.

I say go and have fun. Make sure your daughter knows she isn't getting one - no big deal. I would go and have fun though.

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answers from Washington DC on

Why don't you call the store and ask them how they handle it if all the kids don't have their own dolls.

Also, get a gift that you want to give, it doesn't have to be AG stuff.

If you want to stay with the AG theme, if you have a Michaels (craft store) in your area, they have some AG stickers and some inexpensive AG stuff you could give along with another smaller gift.

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answers from Austin on

Veruca said what I was going to post.

How old is your child? Is she cannot understand that this is a party and it is not all about her getting a gift, then I would be concerned about sending her to any party.

Just explain the way it works. If she cannot understand the concept, skip it.

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answers from New York on

An AG doll present definitely isn't expected. Would you consider one of the dolls from Target? I know plenty of girls who have one of those and they're fine and way cheaper. If you're not open to that, then I'd probably skip the party. The stores are amazing and it's tough for all girls not to want to buy everything they see. So if your daughter will definitely never ever participate at all in those types of dolls, probably kinder to skip showing it all to her. The Targey accessories are much much cheaper too by the way.

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answers from Washington DC on

If I was in your shoes I probably wouldn't take her.

If you are unwilling to buy her an AG doll it's a little like dangling the chocolate in front of the face but not letting her eat it in my opinion.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Personally, I would skip the party because those AG stores put on these birthday parties with the goal of selling stuff. So, of course the kids going are going to wish for all the pretty things they see. Or if you think your child is mature and can handle it, let her go and get her an AG knock off doll at Target. They are inexpensive and are the same size (more or less).

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answers from Norfolk on

Simply decline the invitation.
Do something else that day.

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answers from Dallas on

It sounds like you are generally anti AG so if that's the case..... And you are this adamant about AG, just send regrets that you are unable to attend the party and give the birthday girl a small gift.

No reason taunting your child with something you have no intention of participating in for her childhood. Just because you go to a party does not require you to purchase.

I pick up that this question is to validate you saying no to a party because you don't want to... Never mind a child I suppose. Your child might have a good time, make friends and socialize... Imagine that!

No you're not expected to give an AG gift....the expectations of the hosts and birthday child is to have fun with guests. If it stresses you out... Rsvp no thank you ( and send a gift)

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