Need Spiderman for Son's 4Th Birthday

Updated on September 04, 2012
M.W. asks from Independence, MO
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OK, so my son LOVES LOVES LOVES spiderman, and he is turning 4 in March. We are having his birthday party at a gymnastics center with a spiderman theme. I'm in the process of getting all of the decorations and favors, and mom son looks at me in total awe and says "If I'm having a spiderman party, maybe the real spiderman will come". I told him I didn't think so, but I now I'm desperate to find a spiderman to just show up!! A few weeks ago, there was a "Spiderman" at Walmart on Mckinney Ranch doing some advertising, so I know they are out there, I just have no clue how to find one. Even if you have any suggestions on where I could possibly rent a really nice spiderman costume, I can always make my husband take one for the team...

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So What Happened?

So, I finally broke down and bought the rental quality authentic spiderman suit. Its incredible, and a friend of mine will make an appearance as spiderman. I know him and his friends will be so EXCITED!!I guess if anyone ever needs to rent the real suit--you know where to find it!!

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I have a friend that owns an intertainment business. They do kids parties and have a Spiderman.

Good luck!



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Hi there, I know this post was forever ago- but I was wondering if you still have this Spiderman costume? I'd love to rent from you for my son's 4th birthday coming up :)




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Aaron Atinsky is an awesome awesome Spiderman (cannot stress how great a job he did). He kept all the kids engaged and even had parents involved in the activities. We booked Aaron Atinsky thru DFW Funny Business for our son's 4 yr birthday party in April 2007.

I'm sure you can book him thru another agency cheaper.

Good luck!



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The same type of thing happened with my oldest daughter's 4th birthday. We were planning a princess party and she kept telling people that Snow White was coming. I ended up hiring a babysitter to dress up as Snow White. We rented a costume from the costume shop and my husband picked her up on the way to the party. My daughter didn't recognize the babysitter, she only saw Snow White. She was elated, and in total awe of the princess at her party. Snow White helped lead the activities and played with the kids (the party was at the park). It was a lot of fun. I suggest calling some costume shops for a rental. It shouldn't be too hard to find one at this time of year. If your husband doesn't want to miss out on the party by dressing up, maybe you could ask a neighbor, and uncle or a neighborhood kid. Good luck!



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Try DFW Funny Business.

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