Fairy Tea Party

Updated on July 28, 2011
C.W. asks from Torrance, CA
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My sister is having a Fairy themed tea party for her 6 year old daughter. She asked me if i know of any good ideas for games or crafts
for the girls to do. Well (with my sisters OK) I thought i would turn to you mamas, since you all have such great advice!
there will probably be about 15 little girls ranging in age from 3 to 8.
Any ideas are warmly welcomed!

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So What Happened?

oh my gosh! you mamas had such amazing advice!!
we are going to check out all the websites and look for those books, as well as combine all our favorite ideas that you posted!
thank you SO much!

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Perhaps Disney mini tea-set with Tinkerbell on them for party favors?? Amazon has them for a few dollars each.

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We did a fairy party for my 3 year old and some of her friends. For wings we used poster board and folded it in half and cut out a wing shape. A bit of elastic band (Michael's) to make shoulder loops for the "wings". Then each girl got to decorate her own wings (glitter, gems, finger paints, etc) while we got out the supplies to make hats and hair wreaths (hats: construction paper rolled into a cone shape and decorated. Wreaths: plastic hoop wrapped in bright ribbon.) and everyone got bubble wands (Dollar tree).
Food was finger sandwiches, fruit, and veggies all cut in small pieces so that the "fairies" could eat them : )
Dessert was cupcakes all decorated in pastel colors and colored sugar, then decorated with mini marshmallows cut in half to make polka dots. We called them fairy mushrooms.
We did a "treasure" hunt with the plastic Easter eggs from last year. I went to Party City and got a bunch of the little treat bag toys and filled the eggs. While the kids ate we hid the eggs for the kids (we also marked them all so that all the kids got the same number of eggs- it was cute watching them help each other).
Crayola makes a mess free coloring pages with Tinkerbell and friends that the kids might like to color and take home.

good luck!

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Where does she live? In Los Angeles there is The Fairy Hunt which is a really creative theatric scavenger hunt in nature program www.afaeryhunt.com. Some of the Fairies can visit people's homes. There is also a fairy that advertises in one the parenting magazines. She came to my daughter's 7th birthday and made wands, gave glittery fairy dust, had everyone march around to beautiful fairy music, did a hunt for shiny dragon tears which my daughter still has in her room, all the girls got dresses in their most beautiful fairy outfits. We had beautiful fairy plates and napkins (not Disney), each child went home with a magic pouch filled with magic items, a handmade wand and a small paintable fairy figure (check out a dollar store or Big Lots).

Have fun and enjoy the magic!

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answers from Boise on

Have the kids make thier own treat bags for pennies. Get a stack of brown grocery sacks for free from your local food store. Print 15 coloring sheets of fairies (Look online). have the sacks, coloring sheets, pens, glue sticks and ribbon on a craft table. have the kids color the fairy pictures, glue them on the sacks (print their name on them too) and as the party progresses they can put their goodies and favors and crafts in it. If the bag doesnt come with premade handles, punch holes in the top and string wide ribbons through and tie it off to make handles- do this before the party because there wont be enough time during. If the fairy color sheets dont cover the stores logo ont he bag, they can always put down a larger piece of colored construction paper first, and then glue the picture over the top of that.

I like to make sugar cookie stars ahead of time, and let each child decorate one- have lots of colorful sprinkles. put each decorated cookie star on a small paper plate (cake size), slip into a plastic gallon size or quart size twist top clear baggie , gather the top and finish with a twist tie or ribbon. they can take these home in the sacks.

Hot potato is always fun- each time a girl is "out" give a tiny candy or a tiny packet of glitter (ie: fairy dust)- with the winner recieving a tiny candy plus the stuffed Star that was passed around. Play some kind of ethereal music /fairy movie music. perhaps the song: "If You Wish Upon a Star"...

Treasure hunts are always fun...kids love to figure out clues....have locations in the clues like " Fairy Cave" "Field of Friendly Flowers" " The Bee's Keep", "Mermaid Lagoon," "Rainbow River" ,etc.... Have locations on the property or in the house that have signs saying where these locations are. For example, at our party, Mermaid Lagoon was at our fountain outside under the tree. In the tree I hung long straight streamers of blue, about 10 of them, from the tree limbs, to signify water, and the sign :Mermain Lagoon, that I painted onto a piece of cardboard and hung on ribbon. The rainbow area might be simply a hallway, with rainbow colors of streamers hung and a large rainbow shaped envelope on the wall, that holds the next clue.....to the Bee's Keep which might be a tan colored towel twisted and then wrapped in a dome shape in another room (perhaps there are big jars of honey around it, and fake flowers) ....inside is a clue to go to...Fairy Cave. Perhaps Fairy Cave could be a room hung in pink streamers straight down, in which the floor is covered in pink balloons-the kids have to stomp the balloons in order to find the one balloon that has the clue to the next spot.....Cherub's Cloud, ....perhaps Cherub's Cloud can have a basket lines in batting and filled with small goodie bags, one for each girl- hidden somewhere. Maybe each bag can be labeled with their name and a term of endearment:"Darling Dana", "Sweet Sherry", "Lovely Laura", Stardust Sarah" Heaven-Sent Hanna", "Magical Marcie", "Irridecent Ida".

You can have the kids make their own fairy hats out of construction paper-a one inch long strip of pink paper -glue paper flowers all over them. Online you can probalby find photos of butterflies that you can print, cut out, and these can be glued on also. staple the strip or paper together and place on the child's head. or perhaps some kind of crown of flowers- there is craft wire covered in stars: twist it into a double hoop, tie long ribbon streamers from the back.
You can even have a parent with a glue gun, the kids can bring thier crown to them with a selection of a couple items they picked out to add- maybe butterflies or bees, flowers, fabric leaves, etc...these can all be found at a craft store. There is even glitter spray that can be very lightly added last for a big effect.

Snack: how about cutting a star fruit into slices, and making them the top of
fruit kabobs (cherries, mini marshmallows (in colors) , bananas, pinnapple) on a wood skewer. You can have the kids do their own or pre assemble them and poke them all into some kind of base (a melon half?) and have them fanned out as a centerpiece..

Laying out a dress up box with boas, neclaces, tiaras or antenae, wings, flowers for pinning in hair, etc... is always fun for the girls..and then a fairy tea party. If you decide to do a dress up type party, make sure to pose each fairy individually in front of a beautiful spot, click a photo of her, and send it in the thank you note. Also get a group photo for your child to keep.

I have found with my parties that 3 activities, (maybe 4 depending on the ease of them) , cake, and presents will easily fill the party time.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

No personal experience here with fairy parties, but
has tons of fairy crafts.

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answers from Chattanooga on

You could make 'fairy wings' by getting hoops from a grocery store. You can prepare them by using ribbon to attach a really thin meshy material to the inside, and let them decorate them with glitter glue. Tie them on with ribbons... OR fairy wands. Get wooden rods, and attach stars (wood, paper, whatever...) and let them decorate those.

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answers from Spokane on

Ok, here's a list of books for you:

1. Fairy Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin, An Usborne Book;
2. Sweet Pea's Garden: Special Things to Make and Do by Cicely Mary Barker;
3. How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party by Cicely Mary Barker;
4. Fairy Crafts: 23 Enchanting Toys, Gifts, Costumes, and Party Decorations by Heidi Boyd
5. Princess Tea Party (story & recipe book) by Gaby Goldsack (I found this one at a thrift store though, and it doesn't have an ISBN so I think it was part of some sort of kit but you might be able to find it).

I used all of these books for my daughters various fairy tea parties and they're by far the best of all of the many books I've perused on this subject. I've done things such as a stump birthday cake that had flowers growing around it and little faeries dancing on it. I have served "tea" (juice mixed with hibiscus tea that the kids enjoy) in a strawberry tea pot in little green cups that look like leaves (sorry, don't remember where I found those). I have made tiny little sandwiches with cream cheese & jam in fanciful shapes. One game they did was basically musical chairs but the seats were actually toadstool caps I made by cutting out large red circles of felt and then randomly gluing on white dots. I have draped gauzes & tulle around the room. I have made ribbon wands (super easy to do). I have made gauzy little skirts with strips of tulle & bells (the girls still wear those all the time and they're so cute!). I have made my own wings out of tissue paper but in this area unless you're a super crafty mom or have a lot of time on your hands, it's probably just easier to buy several at the dollar store. Other foods you can serve is fruit such as strawberries and cream. Candied flowers (so yummy). Candy coated sunflower seeds. The list goes on but I hope this gets you some ideas! I also linked Martha Stewert's pixie party idea. It's so lovely.


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answers from Los Angeles on

Decorate flower pots or tea cups. You could hire someone to do Fairy Princess makeover on them, usually face painting & glitter in their hairdo! I know some that is just starting their biz and is doing them at about $5-10 a girl depending on how many girls, Torrance area is doable for her.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Casey, since it is a tea party..how about making sugar cookies in advance and letting each of the girls decorate their own or several they can take home.It wont be too messy like paint, yet fun and edible! :)

Good Luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Making wands out of foam and foam stickers, gems, etc. They have it at Michaels or online at birthdayinabox.com

Make candy necklaces. Walmart used to sell these kits, but you can also make your own with string and fruit loops, etc. Let the girls wear them for the rest of the party.

For food, you could do tea party food -- make sandwiches and cut them with butterfly, flower or other nature cookie cutters. Serve apple juice in tea cups.

As children arrive, have each child color a fairy picture (Tinkerbell, etc.) until everyone is there! (killing time!)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Enchanted Fairy Tea Parties is a full service fairy entertainment company. They can provide everything you need for a super chic fairy party. They have beautiful fairies, provide dress up, face painting, fairy doll crafts, fairy games, fairy cakes and yummy treats. The will completely transform your garden, home, local park or any event space into a magical fairy wonderland. they also offer woodland, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Princess, Knights & Dargons, Traditional adult tea parties and more.

Their website is www.enchantedfairyteaparties.com


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