Girl 1St Birthday Theme... Help Me Decide

Updated on May 16, 2011
K.H. asks from Denton, TX
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Hello Mamas

I am having a hard time deciding which theme to choose for my little girl's 1st birthday theme. I know they won't remember, but I still want it to be cute. For my first little girl we chose a bunny as the theme since she had a lovely that always had to be with her. My second hasn't really taken to anything like that.

So my question is which would you choose.... A girlie Monkey theme or girlie Owl theme.

I have found very cute cakes, invitations, and party supplies in either, I just can't decide.
My husband calls her his little monkey, but for her first pics I got the cutest diaper cover that is an owl with the cutest tutu.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated also.
Please help me decide...

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answers from Sacramento on

You can make a monkey cake (one large circle for the face, two large for the ears).
They have Paul Frank monkey plates and napkins at Target.

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answers from San Francisco on

Go with the "little monkey" theme. Dad will remember, you're not sure, your child won't remember until you tell her the story about being "Daddy's little monkey".


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answers from Chicago on

Yeah I vote monkey - more sentimental since that's what daddy calls her. :)

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answers from St. Louis on

Awww I like girlie monkey! Especially since she is daddy's little monkey!
Have fun!

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answers from Redding on

Go a little broader in the theme and do jungle animals, and she can be the monkee since its special to dad. Then other guest can come as other animals. Decorate with bananas, and vines, and macaws. Maybe even find a way to build a cage for photos of each guest. A silly funny cute cage. It gives you more variety if you go with animals and not just the monkee. Sounds fun. And she will remember thru pictures later, so make it cute!
Also Ive seen paper plates shaped like animal faces with 3 sections. There were monkees, and others. That would be fun.


answers from Dallas on

I would do monkey since your hubby calls her his little monkey. Both are super cute, thugh!


answers from Dover on

Of the two, my vote is the monkey.

I went with a theme I created myself for my daughter but almost went w/ a cute ladybug...I still like it but have never used it.



answers from Dallas on

I saw some party supplies that said something like, "Look woo's 1" so I vote for the owl.



answers from Dallas on

I vote monkey too since that's what dad calls her.
You can always do owls next year...we did owls for my daughters second birthday.
"Look whooooo's turning two" :)



answers from Kansas City on

Yeah, I'd go monkey too although I do like Kelsey's Mom's idea too. Making a broader theme might help you out more with decorating, party favors, etc., but I think either way would be fine! Sounds fun...and I'm all for super themey birthday parties, even for the first one! It's a big milestone and I like to celebrate it with a party too!

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