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Batman Party

K.H. asks from Dallas

My son is wanting to have a Batman birthday party, and he keeps asking for the "real Batman" to come. Any ideas on where I could get a "real Batman" for a 4 year old...


Batman Birthday Cake

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamma's! Due to a last minute change in plans, I need a Batman themed birthday cake by Saturday for my 6 yr old's party! Does anyone know where to get one? I do n...


Holy Smokes Batman! a $200K Cell Phone Bill!!!

C.O. asks from Washington DC

I just saw this on-line and thought to myself - HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!! A higher than usual phone bill can leave anyone stunned. And when Celina Aarons got a jaw-dr...


New Ideas for Party Bags for Son's Birthday Party...

M.T. asks from Dallas

Anyone have any good ideas for party bags to give out at my son's birthday party? No particular theme at this point. He's going to be 8. Thanks in advance......


Combined Birthday Party

S.K. asks from Washington DC

My sister in law and i are having a combined party for our kids in June. Her son will be two and my daugters will be one and 5. They are twins. We are having the part...


Son Wants a Robin Party (Batman/Robin), but They Don't...

T.O. asks from Chicago

So my son will be 3. He really wants a Robin birthday party (from Batman). His brother had a Batman party so he doesn't want that...he wants Robin. I know he is on...


Party Favor Suggestions

N.G. asks from Dallas

We are having a 5 year old bday party, and the kids range from 4 to 10. Any suggestions on party favors I could do (both girls and boys) that would work for all? Or...


Superhero 4Th Birthday Party - Do I Have Enough Planned?

A.R. asks from New York

My son's 4th birthday party is coming up in a few weeks. It's going to be in a rec center gym, with a bouncy house, and they will set up some mats, and have some socc...


Holy Sausage Batman. Inlaws and Meat.

A.J. asks from Williamsport

My husband wears rose colored glasses about his parents eating. They, like my parents, eat fairly unhealthy food in general. But he won't admit it for his parents. ...


Idea for Theme Constume for Family of 4

R.R. asks from New York

We are having a costume competition in our community and I would really love to win this time. We are a family of two parents and two boys, a 2 year old and an 8 mont...