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What Was Your Best Baby Shower Gift?

I have a shower to go to for a very good friend who is having her first girl! My daughter is 12 so I have no idea about any of the new stuff that is out. I'm not the diaper genie type of gift giver. I usually try to go outside the box. She is registered so I have a fall back plan... But, what was your most favorite, useful, creative, thoughtful, etc... gift you recieved...


Baby Shower Gift

I"m looking for inspiration. The mom is a close aquantiance, we don't...


Unique Baby Gifts

Okay moms...I am looking for a special/unique baby gift for my niece or...

For Both

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First Birthday Gifts

Do you have any great ideas for first birthday gifts?? My daughter will be 1 in March. Thank you


First Year Birthday

I am trying to get a list of practical items for my son's one year birthday...