Birthday Party for 6 Yr Old Twin Girls

Updated on March 06, 2008
L.A. asks from Saint Charles, IL
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Hi all,

I am having a rock star theme b-day party for my twin 6yr old daughters and 6 of there friends at my house on Friday. I have bought some Hannah Montana accessories, and also these cute blowup guitars. The party is from 6pm - 8pm, and they can wear pj's.

I am thinking just some finger food ( pizza rolls/bagel pizzas)and cupcakes/juice.

I am trying to put together aome activities for them. I figure some singing/dancing will take place, and I am still trying to come up with another activity to keep them occupied.

My 10yr old daughter is going to have 1-2 friends over to help out, maybe paint nails or something.

Any other ideas?

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A great present would be a karaoke machine. They have Hannah Montana karaoke CDs and things that would be a hit at the party. Of course, afterwards would you want to hear it? lol
Maybe a friend has one that they would like to share for the evening?
They sell Hannah Montana clothing and accessories at wal-mart... making cheap/practical party gifts for the guests.



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Hi L.:

I actually do girls parties for a living and do the Diva rockstar parties. You could have your daughters do their hair and makeup as well as paint their nails, this will take up sometime and if you have clothes they could dress up and do a fashion show. If you can get a karoke machine that would be great. It is always the biggest hit of my parties because they get to sing and dance on stage. They also have a Hannah Montana dance mat game, I saw one of the girls get it for her birthday which looked like a lot of fun. To occupy some time you could have the girls make some soft of craft like a picture frame or bead a braclet or do one of those blankets that are fleece where all you do is make the knots. I know they had the princesses maybe they even have hannah montana fabric. Oh also a great thing to have is boas the girls love them they are messey but so much fun and complete the Diva look. Hope this helps. You can look at my website at and see what I do for parties maybe it will give you some more ideas. The site is not completely finished but will hopefully help you out because the diva page is done.



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My daughter turned 6 last month and had her best friend over for pizza and a sleepover. While it wasn't a very structured evening, they decorated their own mini cakes and made beaded jewelry. It kept their attention, let them be creative, and they had a real blast.

Have fun!



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Last year my 8yo had some girls over for a birthday sleepover and they had a blast playing musical chairs. They wanted to play it all night. You could try it and see if they are interested.

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