Holiday Tea Party

Updated on December 14, 2009
T.S. asks from Zionsville, IN
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I invited 14 little girls over (Lord,Please help me!) and other than the fact that it is a tea party, I have no idea how to entertain them! I have two age groups, one is 4-6, and the other is 8-9. I need simple games I can put together, today! Eeeek.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I let my daughter, who's 7, invite some girls over a couple of weeks ago, and their favorite game was freeze dance! I turned music up pretty loud and everytime I stopped it and they froze, whoever moved had to sit out. I tried to make it so the people who were out were only out for about 5 minutes though, that way they didn't get bored. There were only 4 or 5 times when we actually got down to one person. They didn't care though, they had a blast. Also, we played limbo, and they loved that. If you put music on like Taylor Swift or Jonas Brothers, they'll have a blast no matter what they're playing!



answers from Cincinnati on

I was going to say Freeze Dance, they LOVE it at that age!! But I see that someone already did! :) There's another game that's very similar: Red Light/Green Light. You line them up on one side of a room. When you shout "green light" they are free to move toward you (you could have them crawl, crab walk, etc..) when you shout Red Light, everyone must immediately freeze and if you spot any movers, they are 'OUT'. First one to make it to the destination wins!



answers from Cleveland on


Looks like I am possibly too late but will suggest somthing anyway. Could you re-do some old games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and make it into a Christmas theme>, e.g. Put the Star on the Christmas Tree?

Clothespin drop (into milk jug)?

Try some easy board games--Candy Land, Uncle Wiggily--or card games--Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Old Maid.

Get out any kind of rubber stamps and paper and let them stamp. You could get structured and set out note-card blanks; or pretty big sheets and they could make wrapping paper for gifts.

K. Z.



answers from Cincinnati on

T....You could do similar to pin the tail on the donkey, but make it a put the ornaments on a tree or the star on the top. Or, since it's a tea party, you could draw a big teapot and pin the lid on the teapot. Guess how many m&m's in a jar and the won who wins gets the jar. They could "audition" for some song and then everyone could win a little gift. That would get everyone in a good spirit. Have fun! M. B.



answers from Dayton on

You can get some cheap jewelry/shoes and even some "lady" gowns and dresses at the dollar/thrift store and they can play dress-up.



answers from Indianapolis on

How about coming up with some sort of CHRISTMAS BINGO, the word "SANTA" maybe. That could be for all ages playing together. You should be able to make your own Bingo sheets.

How about a simple craft/ornament for them to take home? I've got plenty of ideas there, if you want.

I have a game of Christmas trivia. Come up with some simple age appropriate ones for each age group. You should be able to find PLENTY of things online.

You might also somehow incorporate some CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD things....(and could easily be added into some Christmas trivia). This can be a learning experience, too. Like maybe starting out with the fact that "tea parties" tea is something they do regularly in ENGLAND.

I know Abbie, 7, has studied Christmas in other countries for the past 2 years and finds it fascinating that some countries have fireworks, some, like Holland, gets gifts in wooden shoes, not stockings, etc. There's even one country where the wise men visit on Jan 6 and bring gifts. Anyway, just a thought. You can make it fun AND educational. If the moms are going to be involved, I'm sure they'd like this, too. If you go w/ this idea, you might someone incorporate it into your decorations.

How about asking each child to bring a canned good item or item of clothing for a shelter? You could make a communtiy project (and maybe annual) out of it, too. I think it's imperative that kids understand there are so many people with nothing or next to it and especially at this time of year, they can do something to help.

Another idea...don't know where you live, but you might ask them to bring gently used or new toys to take to Riley Hospital or a local children's hospital or children's wing.

Hope that helps.

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