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Updated on September 16, 2012
~.~. asks from Plano, TX
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One of the men we work with is going to be a Grandpa soon. We are throwing him a surprise shower next week. Anyone know of any grandparent themed baby shower games? We'd need something simple that doesn't take a lot of set up. We're hoping to sneak his wife and daughter in also as a bonus surprise if they can get their work schedules arranged. Baby boy if that helps. Thanks!

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answers from San Francisco on

Don't play games with Grandpa or his friends. You DO NOT need games to have a very nice shower, especially at work where time may be limited. Just have some nice food, beverage and a dessert. PLEASE don't expect people to enjoy shower games.

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answers from Sacramento on

Some people are so grumpy! Games are fun and a lot of people actually like them. If someone doesn't want to play it's not like they will be forced! Iike the game where you guess who the baby picture belongs to. Ask co-workers to bring in a pictue or themselves when they were 1-5 years old. Put a number by each one and everyone guesses who they are. If not everyone has a picture, you could make it easier by making a list of the people who brought a picture. If people don't want to bring in pics, go online and get celebrity baby pics and make a list.

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answers from Phoenix on

How thoughtful! I have done a really easy and funny game at both baby and wedding showers. You get the really cheap PAPER plates and give one to everyone with a pen or pencil. Then you tell them WITHOUT looking, they have to keep the plate on TOP of their head while drawing a picture of grandpa holding the new baby (or you can do mom and baby or for wedding you do the bride and groom, etc). THEY CAN'T LOOK! Time it for like 5 minutes or less, basically when everyone thinks they are done. Then they don't show anyone else (especially grandpa), put their NAME on the back, you give all the plates to grandpa to pick his "favorite" (without seeing the name on the back) and that person gets a prize. Its SOO funny to see what people come up with and its cheap and easy to do. Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Redding on

That is SO cute. Grandparents are just as excited as the parents. My hat is off to you for going forward with a grandparent shower, it's awesome! I hope it takes off and becomes "normal".

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answers from San Diego on

How fun what about doing word scramble where instead of all baby items mabey do words of things grandpa might do with his grandson some day like fishing, ball game, sports, I would probably put in there grandson, grandpa, slugger Mabey Grandpa's favorite sports teams? That way it's not a girly shower type of game. Or A word search with these things. Whoever finds the most words or unscrambles the most words in 1 1/2 minutes wins.

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answers from Cleveland on

We throw grandma showers at my mom's church, but throwing a Grandpa shower at work, is a new one for me, You guys must be a tight bunch.

All I can think of is to maybe get some grandpa quotes from movies and the like and see if people can guess the movie. but to be honest I can't think of anything other than the grandpa reading fred savage the story of the Princess Bride. I think he says You want I should read this or not?

personally, i think having little trivia questions set up on the tables for people who want to play are fine but i would not call everyone to attention and announce that they ALL have to participate.

Some gift ideas would be, Billy Crystals book ahhh can't think of the title, or some other sweet book about grandparents, there is one about grandparents dying I think it's called granfather twilight so becareful
an other cute idea would be a piggy bank so grandpa could fill it with loose change for the baby's bank account.

have fun/

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answers from Dayton on

What a cool thing to do, especially if your co-worker is a first time grandpa! How about having everyone list the names kids call their grandpa...grandpa, papa, granddad, grandfather, gramps, poppop, granddaddy, etc. & the person with the most wins. A picture frame that says "grandpa & me" could be the prize & the winner passes it on the lucky grandpa? Have fun!

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answers from Austin on

You guys sound AWESOME!!!

I hope the wife and daughter can attend. get lots of pictures.

The only thing I can think of is to have a small handle bag, with about a dozen baby things inside..

Booboo bunny
baby spoon
pair of booties
Diaper creme
wash cloth.. etc..

Then give each person 8 seconds to look in the bag and then pass it along.. The next person gets 8 seconds.

Remind them not to say anything and not to pull anything out of the bag..

Then each person writes down what they remember from the bag.. The person that remembers the most wins.. Then the bag of goodies goes to grandpa..

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