Need 1St Birthday Theme Suggestions

Updated on June 10, 2010
L.M. asks from Chandler, AZ
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My daughter's 1st Bday is still a few months away, but I'm a planner and would like to start thinking about her party. My first thought was to do a "Cowgirl" theme, then I though a "Cupcake" theme. Just wanting a few more suggestions that might be really creative or cute in some way. I'd love something that I can do really cute decorations with. I'm not really into the whole "Princess" theme, but do think it's really cute, just looking for something a little more original maybe. Thanks!

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answers from Longview on

My niece just had her first birthday and her party was zebra print, hot pink and lime green. It was soooo CUTE!!! She had a zebra print cake and balloons, we even founf the streamer. And the table cloth was zebra print fabric and we sewed on a hot pink boa on the was def a success. Everyone loved it, and she wore a hot pink and lime green tutu with zebra print cute!! Wish I would have thought of that for my daughters.

Hope this helps!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We had the 1st party in our backyard and did a garden theme for the May bday. I bought some hanging butterflies/dragonflies, etc. and made custom butterfly invites. Actually, I just used the hanging butterflies for a baby shower that I threw for my sister-in-law, too, so those have proved to be a great investment. I'm sure I'll find more uses for them in the next few years, too. We did a cupcake tree (stand) and it was a darling presentation. (I also used that stand for the baby shower and will def. use it again)

Anyway, first bdays are really for the parents (you made it through the infancy!) so my advice is to keep it simple and keep it to close friends and family. That way you'll have more fun, it will be less work and you and your family and child can really enjoy the day :)

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answers from San Francisco on

I like the cupcake theme.
My idea is to tie it in to balloons. I saw a party where the cupcakes were arranged like balloons and "attached" with strings of icing on a carboard base. You can have balloon decorations. has great cupcake ideas.

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answers from Chicago on

We did a rubber ducky theme and I made her invitations from scratch. They were not rubber ducky, but I still get compliments on them. I took a heavy cardstock and cut it in 1/2 then glued a recent picture of her. I then took come vellum and onthe left listed all of her first and the date, first smile, first steps, first words ect with the last being first birthday. in the center put "please join us as we celebrate <name> and her amazing first year. On the lower right I put the party info (address , time, rsvp, ect) rounded the edges and punched holes in the top of each and tied them toghter with a yellow ribbon (to tie in the rubber ducky). It was great becuse everyone also received a current picture too.
For the party itself, I just did some stramers and stuff and I was able to order some ducky candy from Oriental trading (kind of like pez in duck shapes) and Wilton makes a cute 3-d rubber ducky pan. for the goody bags I ordered some mini rubber duckys (also from Oriental trading) and the older kids got a rubber ducky cookie cutter and cookie mix.
My daughter also wore a yellow tutu to pull everything together. It was super cute, easy and fun beucase she loves duckies (actually her first word).
This year (in October) we will be doing a circus theme with her as the ringmaster.
Good luck and have fun planning!

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answers from Lake Charles on

my daughter's 1st birthday was done in Coca-cola! It was very cute. I decorated in red and white with all my coca-cola themed stuff and we served coke floats.

2nd birthday- crayola! We made a crayola cake that looked like a box of crayons. SHe wore a crayola jumpsuit from Cracker barrel, that I happened to find. We gave out crayons and coloring books as treats and had a crayola box pinata. We did Primary colors!

3rd birthday- we did 2 seperate birthdays (one with a friend and one with just family) Witht he friend we went to Chuck e cheese and did an LSU themed birthday. Everyone wore their LSU clothes and such! And her family birthday was a Hawaiian party and we made lei's and decorated hawaiian cookies. Very easy theme!

4th birthday- Horses at my house- stick horse races, hay, bandanas, etc. Kind of like the cowgirl one! And at her dad's she had a birthday at Mr. Gatti's.

5th birthday- At my house- we did a gymnastics birthday party with the friends from daycare at a local gymnastics place (4 of them had birthday's days apart) Her family one was indoor Hawaiian again...swimming party. And at her dad's was scooby doo at the bowling alley.

My daughter's birthday is in January, so we always have to go with an indoor party because of weather . I can't stand that! And it's right after I try to have it at the end of January to get it away from Christmas. And yes, she has many birthday parties but my family an friends are so BIG that it's ok and most just give her money since it is right after Christmas and it goes in her savings. HAve fun!

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter is turning 1 next month and I am doing a ladybug theme for her party. I am making her cake myself since ladybugs are easy and so cute for little girls.

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answers from Miami on

Hi i just celebrate my girl first bday this sunday...i didnt like the princess theme either and after a big research i choose ABBY Caddaby from the elmo's show.
the main reason was that Abby is a a fairy in training and she is little and cute. The whole party came out really pretty everybody liked it a lot.
The first idea i had was a ballerina party, but i didnt find any decoration that i liked. I also though of baby Minnie mouse but i liked it better Abby
well i hope to help

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answers from Minneapolis on

we had a puppy themed party for our daughter's first birthday. we had a person from a local obedience school come over with a dog who could do tricks... my daughter loved it. she is way into dogs. she loves every single one she meets. we had the snacks set out in dog bowls, had milk bone shaped cookies, homemade puppy chow... it is amazing if you have never tried it...and an adorable dalmation cake. the favors that people took home went home in a little doggie bag. it was the cutest party ever and really easy. the dog from the obedience school was just the right thing for the older kids and my daughter to enjoy. all the littles still ask me now lulu's friend "boomer" is doing and if he has learned any more tricks. a 100% success!!

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answers from Seattle on

Check out They have a ton of great ideas for 1st birthdays. They have one that centers around cherry blossoms, for example that is VERY cute. Now, since your kid is not a spring baby, maybe that isn't appropriate, but that might give you an idea of your own. Check out the cherry blossom party here:

And here is a list of 1st birthday ideas here:

And first birthday tips:

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hello Kitty?

I really like the western Cowgirl idea too.
Even though I am not "into" theme parties. I just like basic balloons, cake, banners,, etc.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Since our twins were born November 1st and my husbands favorite holiday (i don't know why) happens to be Halloween, we did their theme 'Halloween and everybody loved it! We dressed our twins (boy/girl) as Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy! They looked sooooo cute!
So go with what your baby girl tends to like when she watches for example, Nick Jr. Also, what is it that you like! Like, princess, Tinkle Bell, Minnie, The Disney Princesses (Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella), etc. However you do it, I'm really sure it's going to be a beautiful and fun! Go with your insticts. Let us know what you picked! I would love to hear about it ;)

p.s. I forgot to mention we had 2 pinatas (a pumpkin & ghost), it was really a party for grown-ups, kids that age have no idea what's going on. We even bought an inflatable hunted house (so cool) and placed it outside and everyone had to come in thru the one car garage that was converted into a haunted entrance that let to the backyard. It was blast.
But for their 2nd B-day, my son really likes cars and my daughter loves Dora. They both love Yo Gabba Gabba...but we're thinking about just taking them to Chuck-E-Cheese, since they really liked it. I was soooo exhausted from the 1st B-day!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

The first birthday party is really more for the adults than it is the child. She'll have no memory of it and won't really interact much. The fun part is the cake in the high chair and the resulting mess/pictures.

So, I say do whatever theme suits you best. We personally chose not to go with a theme for either of our children for their first birthdays. I played hostess instead of enjoying the occasions to the fullest, and I regret that, so we try to do things on a small scale these days instead. Our son's 4th birthday is Friday, and weather permitting, it's going to be fun at a Splash Pad - no gifts, some cake, and a lot of wearing kids out.

Personally, I love the Paul Frank Monkey theme that's so popular, and both kids are called variations of the word monkey as nicknames, so I'd likely try to find something like that.

I also love polka dots for any occasion, and they tend to be much more appropriate for girls than boys in most situations.

Good luck, and I hope you get a chance to enjoy it!

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