New Ideas for Party Bags for Son's Birthday Party...

Updated on June 05, 2011
M.T. asks from Keller, TX
15 answers

Anyone have any good ideas for party bags to give out at my son's birthday party?

No particular theme at this point.
He's going to be 8.

Thanks in advance......

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Buy them each a beachball for $1 or those balloons with the rubber band attached (punching ballons) something like that, not a bag of "junk".


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answers from Sacramento on

I love giving the 31 Flavors certificates for an ice cream. I think they're $2 each.

One year I gave out books. My daughter had loved the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book series so I ordered 9 copies of the first book and wrapped them up. Parents loved them and I was able to get them through Scholastic's website for $1 each. Your son and his friends might like the Diary of a Whimpy Kid or Captain Underpants books.

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answers from Chicago on

One year for a sleepover party, I gave everybody a cute pillowcase. Another year a flashlight. My daughter got kid binoculars once. I'm all for just doing one cool thing and not a bag of junk.

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answers from Dallas on

Well, I'm not a fan of any food item as you don't know what other moms rules are against sugar/artificial dyes are or if there are food allergies you may not be aware of. I find that will little boys, water guns are still a huge hit, bakugan toys, legos, sunglasses, sport balls, kites, punching balloons, glow sticks. With 4th of July approaching, you should start finding the pops, that would be fun. Also, customized water bottles, idea just popped in my head...what about doing a "camping" theme and fill a bucket or sack (decorate pillow cases maybe?) with camping supplies as their goody bag. Compass, flashlight, glow stick, batman bandaids, bandanna, water bottle etc... that may fly well with 8yo's:)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I HATE HATE HATE goody bags. I HATE the ones loaded with candy the most. If you have to do something I think the beach ball idea is good. We had a pool party last year and just gave out pool noodles (the kids got to pick them when they arrived, used them for the party and then took them home). Dollar store.

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answers from Cleveland on

little gift cards to the icecream shop

Little Lego sets or people

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answers from Boston on

I'll join the chorus - stop the madness of goody bags fully of candy and junk.

Last year for my 5yo, we did water bottles filled with some stickers (we had a bowling party, and the bottles were shaped like bowling pins).

For my daughter (3yo), we are doing a gardening theme, so a pail and shovel (Michaels, AC Moore - not sure if you have these stores in your area, but they are craft stores, which often have seasonal things for a dollar or so). We'll plant a flower in a small pot, and they'll take that home.

The theme helps tremendously to narrow down your options.

Craft stores will often have plain white bags that the kids can decorate with clothing paint, write their name or draw a design. Then that could be their favor. I do like the idea of the favor being something played with or created at the party.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree to no party bags of junk toys and candy! I throw it out the next day. I mean, my son does not need candy, nor do I allow him very much candy and even he hates the junk toys. One year we did a watering pail with seeds tucked inside and a shovel tied to it for a Veggie Tales theme. Another year we did an activity/coloring book that matched the party theme with a matching pencil and some crayons attached. Just go by the theme you choose and try your hardest to match it. And you can always ask for advice once you have the theme!

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answers from New York on

I can say it enough, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE the goodie bags. If you realy feel you must give something than take a trip to the dollar store..
a beach ball
squirt gun
a small football
an activity book
deck of cards

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answers from Dallas on

I personally hate goody bags. My kids don't eat much candy and the jump that's in them usually gets thrown away. Last year I did beach pails (<$2) bubbles, chalk, a squirt gun. This year we are doing a baseball theme. I have a popcorn maker so everyone is getting a bag of popcorn (found bags at oriental trading co.) we are making ice cream sundaes- i am getting the basball cap bowls, still debating on decorating white baseball hats with fabric paint, aand maybe a small water water bottle.
A friend of mine had a pirate theme. Each kid got an eye patch and a hook- she got from OTC. They decorated paper bags: their treasure chest and went on a treasure hunt. She had gotten a big box from OTC of, yes junk, but the kids had fun finding hidden things around the backyard.

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answers from Dallas on

We gave out sport bottle that we put each childs name on with puffy paint.


answers from Dallas on

gift cards. We've done Abercrombie gift cards, Ice Cream shop gift cards.

coloring books, markers, chalk, personalized items...



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son (also 8) got a little set of bowling pins and a marble bowling ball that he played with for a LONG time for a dollar toy! LOL



answers from Anchorage on

I usually put hot wheels in our goodies bags so the kids have a toy they will actually play with and keep rather than those cheap plastic toys they sell for the purpose that just get thrown out.



answers from Chicago on

we sometimes gave out sidewalk chalk kids love that. then other times made big fat cookies and put those in the goodie bag tied with a pretty ribbon. i don't do the junk candy / toys

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