Indiana Jones Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Updated on July 13, 2011
M.C. asks from Denton, TX
6 answers

My soon to be 4 year old loves Indiana Jones. I want to decorate the house while he is sleeping for his birthday. The only decorations I saw that might work would be the tiki stuff. Does anyone have any good creative decorating ideas for an Indiana Jones theme?

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answers from St. Louis on

jungle theme: leaves hanging from the lamps/etc. Leaves grouped in the corners, hanging from the ceiling. You can make these out of poster board or construction paper! String them on string/twine to drape easier!

Add some snakes & monkeys ...either stuffed or poster board ones. Or check out Oriental Trading Co...they have excellent resources.

Make a treasure map & let him find a "treasure".....his BD gifts!

Go to an army supply store & buy some khakis for him. Get him a hat & a play whip! Buy some really tropical fruits & let him try them all! Get a world map (or globe) & let him learn about exotic places.....the animals, the lifestyles, etc! list could go on & on......lots of ways to tie gifts into this theme! Have fun.....

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answers from Sacramento on


Indiana Jones hat

Whip (they sell kids' versions that are safe)

Jungle things/foliage

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answers from Seattle on

Consider hiding the cake as a 'scavenger hunt' (1 clue leads to the next clue to the next clue which leads to the 'treasure' aka the cake).

Outfit the bathroom with halloween spiderwebs.

Exercise Ball (great gift for the age, btw, tons of fun in the grass to roll over the top of) as the giant stone. Particularly if you can get a grey one.

A present (or cake) decorated like the arc of the covenant

A rope swing

Fedora (they have kid size ones, if you don't have one already), army gas mask bag

Vintage suitcase (small)

Big map with red "travel" lines (hint, use something like this in puzzle form for the clues...aka a clue and a piece of the map leading to the cake, not in order)

Write I Love You on your eyelids

Fake jewels (a big diamond would be great)

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I think the tiki stuff would be great and lots of fake spiders, snakes, beetles etc. Vines, gray paper rocks. Go to a local goodwill store and buy cheap tan, gray, black, green tones of sheets and/or table clothes to throw over larger items like the couch or chairs. For walk thru doorways - hang vines or even cut up strips of black trash bags! Maybe a swinging carboard gulliten over the stairs!

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answers from Tyler on

Lots of stuff at
How about a pyramid cake?
Create a tunnel with a surprise at the end.



answers from Dallas on

Rubber snakes and fake spiders, ropes, tiki torches with orange construction paper flames, a chest/ trunk (cardboard box spray painted gold) full of costume jewelry and chocolate foil coins....glue silk leaves onto twine and drape from entryways...Good luck!

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