Spiderman Birthday Party

Updated on June 25, 2009
B.K. asks from Ithaca, NY
4 answers

Does anyone have any ideas for a Spiderman party? We are holding it at a rec club that has a ball pit, nets (webs) to climb and a slide, so I don't think we'll have time for too many games, but any ideas for food, favors, invitations,or decorations would be great. Our son will be turning 4, and about half the guests will be girls. Thank you!

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answers from New York on

you seem to have it planned with the place your having it at. pizza is good or just cookies and brownies and or cake.. maybe even little dixie cups with ice cream. just simple is best. .. as for toys to give out.. maybe get a pail and shovel from the dollar store.. simple but good since summer is right around the corner..buy a perm. marker and put kids names on one side.. and put SAM"S (or whatever your son's name is) birthday party on the other side... goodd luck.. have fun..



answers from New York on

my son had a spiderman party last year. we bought an adult spiderman costume off of ebay and had a family friend come for a visit (shhhhh!) spidey brought some spiderman treats for everyone and a special one for my son, it was a huge hit. 4 years old should be even better, they wont be looking for the face under the mask ;) and if you want cute treats, you can try oriental trading and put spiderman in the search, or ebay, or if you really want to get some cute ideas, try the magazines familyfun or wondertime, they both have websites. dont get too crazy, they will be busy running around. have fun :)


answers from New York on

Ok so your son is 4 yrs old. At 4 they usually love exploring and finding treasures. I'd say to keep the food simple finger food. Maybe you could find some cookie cutters in bug shapes since bugs fly into webs. You could get temp tattoos (oriental trade company has a ton of different ones) which always go over well with little ones. Games could be stick the robber on the web. Favors could be trinket toys (oriental trade company again is great for that stuff) including spiders or spiderman stuff.

Don't over plan since 4 yr olds are more than happy just to run around and be together.



answers from New York on

Did you have your party yet? I just through one for my boys in May.

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