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Updated on February 26, 2011
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ok you guys my mother knows now and is very happy but i want to plan my baby shower different i dont want to use a baby shower chair and i need ideas besides that? Im not doing my baby shower i just want it different my mom asked me and i want it 2 be different i dont want the baby shower chairs i want somthing else and i dont know can you guys help ??

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im not planning it by myself jus want it 2 be different dnt want a baby shower chair

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My cousin had a tea 'n' see after her baby was born. They had snacky foods, cupcakes, tea, coffee. Everyone just sat around and visited and passed the baby around. She did open presents but since everyone was all over the living room she wasn't set apart. It was very relaxed and enjoyable.

You could also consider having a couples party, let the guys cook out, have guys verses girls games, just have a good time.

Congrats on the baby and good luck with the shower!

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answers from Phoenix on

Yeah, is there a friend that would love to throw it on your behalf or maybe your mom ? I have been to scrapbooking parties where each person dec. a 12 X 12 pic for a book. I have been to a restaurant where they had a lunchen and did no games. Fun little surprises on " the parents to be " . I have been to a traditional at someones home where there two games, cake and gifts. I have had friends do a shower at Tea House. It is all about how you and your lady friend plan it. :0)

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answers from Chicago on

Well, plan it yourself and have someone help you with it, I made the mistake of not being involved in planning mine and I ended up with out a shower at all.
You may want to do a baby shower party search to see what is out there ... you can typically find crazy cool ideas. I like the scrapbook page idea that seems like it would be fun and interesting. I also think part of it is having the fun accents that make it a baby shower in the decorations. A fun game to play is where you buy the little babies and put them in the ice cube tray with water and hand an ice cube out to each guest and see who's "water breaks first" basically who's ice cube melts first. The ladies can do what ever they like to help it along, one lady at a party I went to brought a travel blow dryer and had that going on her ice cube in the bathroom (no one knew until the end) it was quite funny!

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answers from San Diego on

You don't plan you own shower and you don't tell someone gracious enough to put up the cost and time to host one for you how it's gonna be... That being said, if someone has offerred to throw you a shower you could say oh yeah I've always want to have one where I get to sit ..... Or, Oh fun, I went to one where they played this really fun game where..... DO NOT go about it as if you are the Queen Bee, that is a great first motherhood lesson to learn because you being the Queen Bee won't last after the baby comes it just naturally happens that the kids needs start to come first.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sorry, but you don't "plan" or "have" a shower for yourself. Leave it all to your mom & show up at the designated time & place. Enjoy being the guest of honor--not the hostess.


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answers from New York on

Congratulations on your baby!!!

I've never heard of a baby shower chair. And doesn't a friend of the family or a friend of yours host the shower, not the mother? The hostess gets to plan the party and theme in my experience. But, it makes sense to tell the hostess what you hate and would like.

Here are a few games I have played: groups write as many names of songs with the word 'baby' in it; write what a mom has in her purse (most items nobody else mentions wins); guess the baby food.



answers from Norfolk on

Actually, baby showers are (traditionally) not thrown by the expectant mother. It's seen in poor taste. They also tend to be held in the third trimester. There are reasons for that.

Start your research on what baby items you need/want, maybe get started on a registry.

If no one throws you a shower (which is a possibility), you could host a "Meet the Baby" party.



answers from New York on

I don't know what a Baby Shower Chair is, but if someone is offering to throw you a shower, just go with it! Honestly. My mom asked me what I wanted and it was pretty much "no games" aside from that I was just happy to celebrate. My MIL didn't ask what I wanted and planned that shower on her own... and I just went with the plan b/c she was so excited to celebrate her grandchild.

A baby shower is what it is... if she wants your input, just ask for a nice luncheon with your friends and family. If you don't want games, let her know. If you don't want an overly decorated chair, then ask for "just balloons".

Making too many requests and demands when someone else is planning and paying for it will make you seem ungrateful, so try not to go overboard with your requests.



answers from New York on

Tell whomever is throwing your shower that you don't want the chair - but really, it is up to whomever is going to host your shower to plan it. Your mom can find plenty of info about shower games, themes, etc online. I would step back from the shower planning



answers from Bellingham on

I like the idea of a "meet the baby" party... If nobody else threw a shower for u, but I agree that u should not throw your own party. That being said, I have thrown a few showers and a few of my fav games/activities are: a Time capsule for the baby. Have everyone bring something from around the time the baby will be born (magazine, newspaper or a cd with popular songs from that time). Another one is "help build the baby's library". Have each guest bring a book as part of their gift... Whether it's an old childhood fav of theirs or just one they thought was good... =) Those are my 2 favs...



answers from Kansas City on

I'm not even sure what a baby shower chair is?? Anyway, I'm glad that you and your mom are excited for this baby and it seems you feel a little better about things.

I do agree with Leslie however about the shower. I wouldn't plan it yourself. First I would figure out how far along you are. Make sure you go to the doctor ASAP. Also, figure out where you'll be living, what your school schedule will be, if you need to work, etc. Then figure out what products and baby items you'll need, besides the basics of course. I'm sure one of your friends or relatives will throw you a shower, until then focus on keeping yourself healthy. Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

you should not throw your own baby shower! bad etiquette.
if someone offers to host your shower and asks for your input then give it, but if the only thing youre adamant on NOT having is that chair, then just say so nicely. i havent seen anyone use it in years, not the trendy thing anymore anyway.

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