Cinderella Birthday Party

Updated on February 05, 2008
A.S. asks from Plano, TX
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I am having a cinderella birthday fr my 5 yr old kid ...i have kids from 2 to 6 yr old girls n boys. I wanted some ideas for games and decorating the room ...i hab=ve bought cinderella screen setter but still unable to get the idea to decorate the room...can anyone share their ideas for the above

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These are ideas from when I did my party have them all on my e-mail saved!

Dress your birthday princess up before the party, with a Cinderella Tiara
and Jewelry. Announce the guests upon arrival and escort them to the royal preparation table, where they will receive a small amount of lipstick, blush and eye shadow. If you have not already suggested the girls wear their favorite dress-up dress...provide a box of special dress up clothes and a mirror.

Princess Face Painting
Purchase standard face paint or make your own:
1 tsp. cornstarch
1/2 tsp. water
1/2 tsp. cold cream
2 drops food coloring
In a small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, mix well.

Images to paint for this theme are: roses, tiaras, glass slippers, twinkling diamonds or stars, castles and hearts. We use a very fine dusting glitter
to make every picture sparkle. You can find this in crafts stores or in the cosmetic department. Some children don't want a picture but may
want to have sparkling cheeks, Use Aloe Vera gel and the glitter applied with a Q-tip.

Cinderella's Glass Slipper Game
Before the party design a "glass slipper" , using silver spray paint, or glue and glitter, on a high heeled shoe. You will also need an old shoe for game time. Position the girls into a circle. Pass the shoe around the circle while music is playing. Ring a bell to signal the stroke of midnight. The player holding the slipper when the bell rings, receives the old shoe to hold, while sitting in the middle. She is then in charge of the bell ringing for the next round. At the end of the game every player receives a Disney Princess prize; necklace, ring, Disney Princesses fruit snacks etc.

Cinderella is missing her favorite things!
Place several items on a tray or cookie sheet.
Try to find items that work with the theme.
Tiara, lipstick, Wand or royal scepter, silver spoon jewelry, handkerchief etc. One player leaves the room. Remove one or two items from the tray. When the player returns they must guess what's missing.
Repeat until every child has a turn.

The Messy Stepsisters
Poor Cinderella, her sisters always make her clean up after their mess.
The object of this game is to be the first team to clean up the mess.
To play, divide the girls into two groups. You'll need clothing, shoes, plastic necklaces, hairbrushes etc. and a basket for each team. Establish a start and finish line. Then, scatter the items in a row along the ground from the start to finish line. When you say "go" the first player on the team will quickly gather one item into her basket, run to the finish line, return to her team and pass the basket to the next player. That player runs and gathers another item. this continues until all of the players have had a turn and the mess is picked up.

The Stroke of Midnight
The fairy Godmother has lost her magic wand!
Before the party hide toy wands in the party area.
The object of the game is to find a wand before the clock strikes twelve. Give the girls an appropriate amount of time to find a wand and then begin striking a bell twelve times.

Cinderella's Ball
It wouldn't be a Cinderella party without a royal ball!
Play classical music or the soundtrack from Cinderella or kids bop or any fun cd! while the girls and boys dance dance. When the girls here the clock chime (bell) or you can pause the cd! they must freeze.

Princess Puzzler
Before the party, print out Disney Princesses pictures from the Internet,
or use a coloring book. Attach each picture onto some construction paper with a glue stick. Cut the pictures into 2, 3, or 4 puzzle pieces. Hide the
pieces around the party area. The girls each need to find one puzzle piece and then find the the players with the matching piece/s.

Who Am I
Before the party, write the names of Cinderella characters on several 3x5 cards; stepmother, step sisters, prince, fairy godmother...
To play, tape the cards onto the girls backs, so that they cannot see their own character. The object of the game is to identify who is on your back, by asking yes/no questions of the other players.
Am I a girl ? Boy? Am I nice?
Do I have magical powers?


Princess's Jewels
Bead jewelry with string and plastic beads to make necklaces or bracelets.

Glitter Frame
Decorate Craft foam picture frames (craft store) with glitter glue and stick on jewels. Use a Polaroid camera to take pictures when the girls are all dressed up and wearing their tiaras. Each girl will have their own
picture and frame to take home.

Stardust Clay
Make your own play dough.
Provide each child with a ball of dough and some fine glitter (craft store). The children will work the glitter into the dough. Package each of the guests dough into a Zip -loc bag to be taken home as a party favor.

~~~~When I did my party for Cinderella theme, I had made place cards for the table! They said Princess and prince so and so! The kiddos all got a kick out of them!

Also Simply pretend just did my younger daughters Birthday! You get the dress up trunk and do it yourself! It was great! We did princess and knight theme. Includes games, music and lots of dress up for boys and girls! Favors were tiara's and wands and swords for the boys!

Have fun!!

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I always spend a lot of decorations so I try and get balloons and crepe paper. If you are going to have tables use two color plastic table covers so they look like royal round tables like pink and gold for girls blue and gold for boys. You can get plastic gold goblets and put markers and glue in them and sequins. Let the girls decorate crowns and you can make your own crest with poster board for the boys to decorate.



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Party city has wall decor. It's like big posters that are a castle and even a big cinderella. Also I played pin the prince or princess on the castle. You cut out little boy and little girl figures and the kids are blind folded as they try to pin them on the front entrance of the castle. Whoever is close wins. I also got blow up swords for the boy and the girls came in princess dresses. That way everyone felt pretty and got to participate. You can also do a version of musical chairs with a princess CD. (Toysrus) These are just a few ideas I used at my daughters party...



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Hi A.
I saw an episode of Semi Homemade With Sandra Lee, on the Food Network, where she was hosting a Princess Party. Lots of the food that she made would also be considered cute the fruit wands and star sandwiches. Here is a link to the recipes.....,1976,FO...

Have fun!



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Oriental Trading Company (online) has decorate your own tiara/crown and sword kits.
You've gotten GREAT suggestions.

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