Help with My Daughters Princess Party

Updated on February 27, 2008
J.A. asks from Lowell, MA
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Hello I am looking for ideas for my daughters 4 year old princess party. I am looking for food ideas and decorating ideas.

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answers from Boston on

I did a princess party this past June for my daughter who turned 4. It was warm for it to be outside but can easily be done inside during the cold months. I sent an invitation to a Royal Party and that everyone is encouraged to dress up in their fanciest clothes (boys too could be pirates, etc.). They then had a fancy dress parade and sat at a table decorated in gold and pink tableclothes, plates, balloons, etc. I got a giant martini glass from the Christmas Tree shop and filled it with gummi bears and twizzlers. I also got a cupcake tree and decorated cupcakes. The tree makes them look nice. I also got some foam (?) crowns from Michael's and had the kids decorate their own crown as their party favor. Then they played freeze dance. I hope this helps you.

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answers from Providence on

A few ideas I came across when planning my DDs princess party:

1. Have the kids come dressed in rags. When they get to your house, pass out feather dusters and brooms and have them pretend to clean. Then have your husband, dressed as the grand duke, ring the doorbell and pass out invitations to the ball. Then have the girls dress up in their fancy dresses and pretend to be at the ball. Later on, the Grand Duke can try the glass slipper on all the girls.

2. If you have a red wagon, you can take a large piece of cardboard or posterboard and make a shape of a carriage. You can cut out a window. Have the girls, one at a time, ride in the carriage and take their pictures. These pictures make great party favors.

3. Another party favor idea is to decorate foam crowns. They sell them at Michaels for about $1 each. You can buy a bucket of princess "jewels" that the kids can use on their crowns. They really like this, and it makes a great favor because your daughter can use any extra supplies later on.

4. I made a castle cake. I made two 8x8 square cakes and stacked up on top of each other. Then, I put 4 ice cream cones (the ones with the flat bottoms) upside down on the four corners. I iced the whole cake white, then put Hershey kisses on the "towers". Then I had blue glitter that I sprinkled over the whole thing and used blue M&Ms to make details like the doors and windows. It was beautiful, and it wasn't too big.

Good luck!! Princess parties are a lot of fun!!

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answers from Boston on

An idea from the show The Office - make "wands" out of lollipop sticks and star-shaped rice crispy treats!

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I knew a woman who "hired" a girl in our nail class to be a princess at her daughters party, the girl was soooo blonde and such a beauty queen, so she was perfect. The mother rented a cinderella costume and the princess floated around the party for a few hours being "princessy" taking pictures with all the kids,huggin & kissin, i wasnt their, but I was told it was a hit!

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I have two boys of my own, but I am hoping for a girl, this is my dream birthday party! (Someday) One great idea is to go to the Salvation Army and buy some old prom dresses and cut them down to size for some dress up. Also look in the home section for old tea cups and tea pots so you can serve apple juice and cookies. On the invites for her girlfriend say something like, Alex and her doll are invited to Sarah's royal birthday tea. They also sell really cute cupcake-Cakes that you could have instead of a whole cake. Also my SIL did a similar party and the girls decorated Burger King crowns with glitter etc. all she did was buy star stickers and wrote thier names on it to cover the BK sign. Well have fun - I hope to be throwing a party like this soon! Jen R



answers from Boston on

J., I'd love to help you out! I want to be a party planner when I grow up! I've done this type of party for my daughter and it was a ton of fun.. I made a cinderella doll cake, (Full sized Cinderella Barbie with a full stand up skirt), I made white chocolate shoes for the goody bags, I had a "Kiss the Toad" game (pin the tail on the donkey only with a frog and lips), I had all the girls come in princess garb, I served little sandwiches (Pb&J cut in triangles, cream cheese and jelly, tuna or anything else will work.. bologna and cheese, anything that you can think of).. I had a game also where all the parents took their shoes off, put the shoes in a pile and the girls had to figure out which shoes belonged to which adult. If you would like more idea, let me know, and I'll help you out. I am also a cake decorator, so if you want more ideas on cakes, I'd love to help you out.. I have made a castle cake before (flat though, not stand up) but I am willing to try anything to add to my portfolio of cakes.. I can even send you the link to my website.

good luck! it's a great theme and a lot of fun to pull off!



answers from Boston on

I have a rainbow cake I used to make for my daughters' birthdays. It is beautiful! The cake is white boiled frosting on the outside and fruit-flavored whipping cream of various colors on each layer (5 total), so when you cut the cake it is a rainbow! I can give you the recipe. I also had a clown entertain the kids. It was a big hit!



answers from Portland on

hello J.
my 5 year old little girl just attended a princess party where they had all the girls come to the party in princess dresses they bought these little plastic cups (look like champine cups) from i party made princess ice cream sundaes and they had a princess pinate and then had like a little disco ball and played music from the disney princess movies and the girls all danced my daughter had the time of her life they also did things like face painting and sand art also used clay or play do to have the girls make things out of that good luck with your party i hoped this help alittle
S. frankland

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