Seeking Craft Ideas for Little Mermaid Theme Birthday Party

Updated on August 16, 2011
E.T. asks from Celina, TX
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My daughter will be turning three in February loves the Little Mermaid, so that is going to be the theme of the party. Since the weather in February is so unpredictable I'm planning on setting up craft tables in our garage to keep the kids busy. There will be a wide range of ages from 10-babies, so I need a range of crafts. I'm planning on having one of the walls covered in blue paper, so they can help create an under the sea mural. I will have all sorts of sea animals for them to decorate and tape to the mural. I also saw a cute idea to make a squid on the Lakeshore website. Any other cute craft ideas would be appreciated.

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answers from Dallas on

You could hire a real life mermaid entertainer!!



answers from Dallas on

I would try Micheals or Hobby Lobby or even Jo-Anns. They have a lot cute craft activities for kids. I've seen wooden animals, fish, etc.. that you could get and they could fingerpaint or paint with brushes the wooden fish and take one home or to have at the party. I bet you would get a lot of ideas going there too. They may even have something with the Little Mermaid theme craft ready to make.



answers from Wichita Falls on

For a 5 yo girl's party, we made 'sea' barrettes - they arranged sand dollars and beach shells, and I (and a couple of parents) hot glued it onto the cheap clip barrettes..

We also "pinned the starfish on the mermaid's hair".




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You should check out They have decorate your own treasure chest, decorate your own flip flops and all sorts of things. They also have little frame kits with shells etc. BUt check Micheals before you order because they have some of the same stuff and why pay for shipping if you don't have too.


answers from Dallas on has lots of great ideas and supplies.

you can cut out foam or felt animals, like seahorses, crabs, starfish, sharks... and the children can glue on glitter, buttons, pompoms. Then they can put popsicle sticks on the back and have little sea puppets.



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What about indoor games like pin the tail on the mermaid or "go fishing"?



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Oriental Trading Company has some foam sea creature "beads". We used them to make necklaces at my daughter's 5th birthday. We had good range of ages, and they all loved it. Plus, it was super cheap.



answers from Dallas on

Can't take credit for these edible crafts...from a much more creative friend, but...

- Make hot dog octopuses for snacks. Cut vertically up one end of each wiener to make tentacles; they separate and curl up when you boil them. Add to shells and cheese or ramen noodles ("coral" or "seaweed"). Goldfish, etc. If you really wanted to go all out, they could draw faces on their octopus with a food marker!

- Make blue jello and add gummy fish. Make at beginning of party, do quick set, serve with cake at the end.

- Make Princess Ariel tiaras from poster board. Decorate with jewels or little shells.

- Do that thing where you draw a picture with crayons and then watercolor blue over it. You could provide a few print outs of cute movie scenes for the kids to copy, drawing their own version.

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