Best Baby Shower Games

Updated on August 02, 2010
M.N. asks from Geneva, IL
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I will be hosting a baby shower and I would like ideas of fun baby shower games.....please help!
Thank you!!!

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answers from Chicago on

We played this game and we couldn't stop laughing. It's called Mommy has to potty. Place a jar or a cup on one side of the room on the floor. On the other side the person playing the game has to put a penny between his or her knees and walk over to the cup/jar and drop it in. See who can drop it in on the first try or the quickest. If you want to make it more difficult then just find a jar or cup with a smaller opening. Even my Grandma gave it a try! Definitely worth video taping!

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answers from Rochester on

here are some of the games we played at mine and some others we had considered doing:

diaper change game: use two stuffed animals and open a small pack of diapers and see who can put the diaper on the "baby" the quickest and neatest. sounds dumb, but actually turned out to be quite entertaining

gerber jars: buy 5-10 different baby gerber food jars and write numbers on the tops 1-10 then make an answer sheet saying which jar# is which flavor. ex: jar #1 is carrots, jar #2 is peas, ect..... then remove the labels and give everyone a pen and paper and guess which jar is which flavor

how well do you know mommy and daddy: make a sheet of questions for everyone and have them answer questions about the parents-to-be. ex: what is mommys favorite food, what is daddys favorite movie, ect. see who knows them best

pin the binkie on the baby: self explanatory, but this game is mainly for the kids at the babyshower if there are any.

poopie diaper game: buy a few different kinds of candy bars and put them in a diaper and microwave it, looking like a dirty diaper... have people walk around guessing which candy bar is in which diaper

measure the belly: theres ribbon you can buy specifically for a babyshower i think its called something like "how big is mommy" then have people cut off a piece of the ribbon (it could really be anything, string even. it doesnt matter) to the length that they think would fit around mommys baby belly. closest wins.

baby chart: have people guess around the due date when mommy will have her baby. this one you will have to give them a prize after baby is born of coarse

baby a-z: have the guests name a baby item that starts with each letter in the alphabet. person with most items wins.

those are only some of the few that i had done or considered at my babyshower... but theres alot of other great ideas here:

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answers from San Francisco on

I have 1 game and 1 activity.
Activity--Get a bunch of index cards, hole punch them in the corner and embellish them with a bit of ribbon or scrap-booking decal. Then hand them out to the guests to write either a well wish, piece of parenting advice, etc. Then have each guest read it aloud when the mom-to-be is opening their present. Create a front using an index card and then hook all of the index cards together to make them into a little book. It is really nice keepsake for the mom to be and helps to add something to the opening of the gifts.
Game--pull a scale out in the middle of the party and start to explain that as moms we carry a lot of baggage and that we are here to find out how much. Start weighing purses, the heaviest wins!

You can find A LOT of games on the web, just search for it in Google.
Hope this helps!
Suzy & her men

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answers from San Luis Obispo on

Since I don't know what is new or different. Our last family baby shower was four years ago. I can only recommend several old stand byes that are favorites at most of our showers. One is the memory game, have all the guests bring a small item the new mom would need. You as hostess, provides a tray that can fit nicely on changing table or baby dresser. Items to suggest include baby mittens, teething ring, pacifier, baby powder,lotion,shampoo, wipes etc. Then add somethings people don't usually think about that mom's need like scissors and the new press on thermometers,as the others can be expensive. Everything on tray is give to the new mom after the games. Try to put on as many things as you can. Go around the room one time to show the guest. Ask them to write down as many thing that they can remember in a five minute time span. The one who has the most items wins. We add a jar of baby food,sippy cup,formula, baby bottle And we love the clothes pin game. Get the tiny clothes pins, giving one to each guest. If some one crosses their legs at the knee or ankle, who ever spots it first gets the pin from the person who crossed their legs. Whoever at the end of the party has the most wins. Ant one have a collection of clean empty baby food jars, do the smell test. Pass around bottles that have been wrapped to hide contents. Seal tops with duck tap after inserting cotton balls of baby oil powder etc. Poke enough small holes to get a whiff of fragrance. At the last party even pee on a diaper and poop were used. Or get as many as ten baby food items and remove labels. and have guest identify. The first steps meat and veggis of the same colors are the hardest to figure out. Oh, oops on the smells its not jars but preemie diapers smeared with items. again no more than ten. And last get string(not yarn to stretchy) and have the guest cut off lengths they think equal the girth of the pregnant mom. If that's not new or different there is the name game But I have forgotten what word is use to get as many word related to babies out of in a time period. When you go to the part shop look for the game book and the word or words are there. Have fun!

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answers from Champaign on

I am the shower expert! I have thrown showers for people I wasnt even that close with just because I love to. First of all, if you're going to throw a nice shower that should be gift enough. Your looking at covering the expenses of the invitations, decorations, game prizes, food and drink. My first tip to people is always schedule the shower during the 7th month. This allows for any early deliveries and it also allows the parents time to shop for any other things they may need that they didnt receive as a gift. The menu is going to depend on what time of day you host the shower and the type of guest you expect. If you serve snacks than it's best to avoid a meal time. Unless it's a surprise, find out what theme the mom-to-be wants and base all decorations and the cake around that theme. I also usually go ahead and pick up a couple packs of thank you cards while I'm in the party aisle. It saves the mom-to-be one less chore and ensures that she will send notes to her guests. The most popular shower games are the toilet paper wrap (pass around a roll and have people tear of the amount of squares they think will fit around mommys tummy), purse scavenger hunt (design alist of obscure objects and have every one look through their purses for who has the most items on the list), baby bingo (using a simple bingo grid, have your guest fill in common baby gifts, then as mommy is opening her presents they can mark off any matching presents).



answers from Chicago on

Melted candy bars in diapers and they have to guess what type of candy bar it is. They are allowed only to smell and look then they write down what they think it is. It's funny.



answers from Chicago on

There were two cute ones at my shower. One was to take stage 1 baby food jars, peel off the label, and put a number on each jar. Guests had to guess what the food was. For another game, the guests had to guess how big mommy's belly was. There was ribbon, and each person cut off the length they thought would be needed to go around my belly (and I was having twins, so it was quite funny to see how big I really was). The person who was closest to the actual length was the winner.



answers from San Francisco on

one that I thought was fun and unique was a "baby laundry game" where each participant had a turn seeing how many baby clothes they could hang up on a clothesline in one minute while holding a baby doll and carrying on a pretend phone conversation on a cordless phone

and one that wasn't a game but a sweet activity - every participant picked a number and then the hostess passed out blank greeting cards and told us to write a birthday card for the baby for the number we picked (so if you picked number 3, you wrote a "happy 3rd birthday" card, etc.)

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