"Scrooge" Theme Party Ideas

Updated on June 04, 2009
L.T. asks from Bethel Park, PA
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My son's 5th birthday is coming up and the theme he chose this year is "Scrooge", as in Ebenezer. He has a fascination with Christmas movies. While I don't go all out in terms of carrying out the theme or spending tons of money, I try to work the theme into the party and could use some help with ideas. Most of my ideas are money related. I thought about making a cake shaped like a sack of money, but am open to other easy ideas. I am going to buy coin-shaped candies for the goodie bags. I plan to serve carrot "coins" and sliced turkey breast (for the turkey Scrooge buys for the Cratchits). I'm thinking about making mini-burgers and calling them something creative. Anyone have any other ideas for food, games, decor?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all of your ideas. I am going to see which ones I can incorporate into our plans. I especially like the Fezziwig Fizz and the past, present, future photos. I showed my son his invitations. On the front are pictures of various Scrooges (Scrooge McDuck, George C. Scott, Michael Caine (w/Muppets), Mr. Magoo and Rich Little) saying, "A party? Bah, humbug! What reason have you got to be merry?" Then inside it gives the details. He was really excited. Thanks again!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What a CUTE idea! I love it. Didn't they play a game of "yes or no" in the movie? Maybe you could do a game like that. Maybe for food you could have a Fezziwig Feast or serve Fezziwig's Fizzy Punch.........The gold foil coins for favors are perfect!



answers from Reading on

AC Moore has the choc coins. Poorage should be served, maybe call the punch porage. I make a punch that is
1 big can of fruit juice or hawaain punch
1 3 liter 7-up (can be diet if you want)
and then sherbert that will go with the juice flavor. That punch you can call poorage. I am sure you don't want to serve oatmeal at the party.
Maybe a game that involves counting the number of coal pieces in the jar for a prize.
Toss the ring on the bed curtain pole?
You need to have a dance time for the Christmas party scene and how cute with 5 year olds be dancing?
We used to play a game with a bottle and clothes pins where you kneel on the chair and try to drop the clothes pin into the bottle over the back of the chair. Okay we had glass milk bottles delivered but I know it will work with plastic ones. I know I am telling my age now...LOL.
Duck Duck Goose would be good to play also.
Maybe the cake can look like a turkey...
If I think of anything else...I will let you know...



answers from Pittsburgh on

WOw- that is quite a progressive theme for a 5 year old! I am guessing he is a pretty intelligent kid. Anyhow...how about a race type of game with a crutch like TIny Tim had? I like the Fezziwig punch idea someone gave also. I would definitely pull out the Christmas lights and decorate with them....outside if you can.



answers from Allentown on

L. you have a boy GEMINI !!!!!!!!!!!! [ a rare breed]
pull out CHRISTMAS stuff ... The STUFF YOU CAN LOCATE .......
a few lights , great bows atop gifts, a soundtrac of ' Christmas Carol' in the background !!!![ you can download too] a stick [ outdoors]from a tree w/ cloth [ a t -towel] ontop for 'timmy'====== a copy of the music or paper back book for the favors !!!!!!! have fun ...
GEMINI's LOVE LOVE LOVE their birthdays and CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a GEMINI .....
I have a countdown every year !!!!!
I just love my birthday !!!!!!!!
make it a blast he is a social butterfly w/ natural creative gifts !!!!!!!!and 2 minds ...
no money needed.
just imagination , and friends ...!
glad to hear you are listening to your son ...



answers from Philadelphia on

Didn't disney do a remake of Scrooge? Mickey was Bob Kratchet(sp)? Maybe you could put a disney twist to it for easier decorating. Probably not much help to you...



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi L.,

I have never heard of this type of theme, very original idea. My thoughts on the subject are to put up pictures of your sons past, present and for future put up picture of what he wants to be. Have a treasure hunt to find Scrooges money pot. At the party store you can by plastic "Ball & chain" leg ornaments for the kids to have on for the party or as party favors. You could have your guests come in their pajamas since most of the movie takes place while scrooge is sleeping. You could get a bunch of the plastic coins and fill a small baby wadding pool with some water, blindfold one child at a time and have them find as many coins as they can with out peeking. The one who gathers the most wins. Any way Good Luck!

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