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Updated on June 15, 2011
M.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I'm hosting a baby shower soon. I've never hosted one before. Please share your favorite baby shower games! Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

We played guess how many candies in the baby bottle (we used skittles). For another game I bought jars of baby food with similar colors, took the labels off, and numbered them. The guests passed the jars around and tried to guess what they were without opening them. Everybody had fun with that one. For the 3rd game I passed around pretty ribbon and scissors and people had to cut a piece how big they thought the mommy's tummy was.
For prizes I got 3 little pots from Wal Mart and planted these cute little plants in them and glued at ribbon around the pot. Cute, perfect for summer, and inexpensive.
If you don't mind some advice from someone who just threw a shower for the first time- if you have offers of help- take them! It ended up being more expensive then I thought! A couple of people offered to bring food and at first I was like no, I've got it but when I got into planning it and paying for stuff- I realized it was better to take help- and it was. The shower wouldn't have been as great if I hadn't accepted help.
Good luck and have fun. And send the kiddos off with Dad or to Grandma's the next day so you have time to recover! :)

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answers from Pocatello on

yeah it seems like some of those older games aren't as common anymore for baby showers. I just did one for my sister and we did 2 games. The first was match the song title to the artist. All the song titles had "baby" in it. Like "Hit me baby one more time" is Brittany Spears etc. Then we played guess the actors baby's name. Like Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter is named Apple, Courtney Cox's daughter is named CoCo etc. It kinda put a modern spin on baby show games and everyone had fun.

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answers from Seattle on

Baby trivia games are fun, my mother had people play them at my son's baby shower.

You could also do "guess the baby food" game, where they taste it and have to guess what food it is.

The diaper game. You take little napkins and fold them to look like cloth diapers and pin them with small safety pins. And then you put a dab of mustard in one of them and then hand them out to every guest and whoever gets the "dirty diaper" then they get a gift. Usually a candle or bath salts, something girly.

Those are the only games I can remember playing really.

Have fun!

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answers from Denver on

A lot of baby showers I have been to recently did not do any games, it seems to be a new trend around here anyway. Instead they would have people decorate bibs or a white onsie with cloth paint while they mingled and ate. Or another one I went to had people decorate scrapbook pages that the mom could use. But if you want to do a game there is always the guess the melted chocolate bar in the diaper game!

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answers from Madison on

I read through the posts and you've gotten some great suggestions. The one that I did for my sister and sisters-in-law was the baby name/meaning matching game. Choose 10 or so names for each sex if they don't know; 20 of one or the other if they do and match the meanings. I included the names they had chosen for the baby and that was the bonus question. I also included the middle names they chose.

Another one I saw recently wasn't a game, but the host handed out pretty note cards and instructed everyone to write down their best piece of advice for the new mom. I'm not sure if she put them together in a scrapbook or something, but I think it would be a nice gift idea if you put something like that together for her.

The other game at the same shower was a basket full of baby things - mostly all small items and everyone had to guess how much the entire basket full cost.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Kansas City on

First I would decide on a theme. I've hosted four baby showers, all of varying sizes and themes and I like to nail down a theme so that I can plan the games, food, and favors around it. I've done a literary theme, which was my favorite so I did it twice, a coffee theme and scrapbook theme. The coffee one was really fun too! The mom to be LOVED coffee, so of course I had decaf available but it was cute. Not to be mean, but I really don't like those decorate the onsie parties. In theory it's a cute idea, but honestly, some of them (I've been to a few of the parties myself) are really cute but most of them are just weird and not something I'd want to dress my kid in! I know that probably sounds bitchy, but the supplies for that would be expensive and I just don't know if I'd want that if I was the mom being honored. Bibs, as someone else mentioned, however, would probably be better. I haven't seen that before and I like it better.

Anyway, as far as games, the basics of like tummy size and the chocolate diaper game, although slightly in bad taste, are really fun! I also made up my own trivia game and looked up a bunch of questions and answers on the internet like how many diapers do you go through in a year, most popular brand of wipes, stuff like that..and it went over pretty well. Honestly, I google searched baby shower games and sort then did a pick and choose of the stuff I liked the best. It's kind of overwhelming, but you can eliminate the ones you wouldn't do pretty quickly.

Not a game, but I also made my own diaper cakes which were super easy and looked really cute as the centerpiece. Plus it was part of my gift to the mom. If you google them you can see what they look like and how to make them.

If you have additional questions please feel free to PM me. I love a good theme party and try to be full of ideas! ;) Have fun!

Ooops...I wanted to add onto Amanda's suggestion about guessing the candy in the baby bottles...I saw that at one of the showers I was at too and it was really cute. They actually had about 10 bottles set up with random stuff in them, mostly stuff for baby or mom. Some bottles had Q-tips, or cotton balls, bandaids, Cheerios, etc. It was really cute and it was a game that you didn't have to lead. YOu could just leave the game out and encourage people to guess. They had a basket by each bottle and you had to put a slip of paper with your name and a guess on it. I think the winner from each bottle won a prize but you could also do the person who won the most could get a prize to cut down on your prizes if needed!



answers from Chicago on

There were two I really liked at my baby shower. One was a "guess how big mommy's belly is". There was special tape (lots of ribbon could work, too). Guests would unravel the amount they thought would fit around my belly, and once everyone had their guess I wrapped one around my belly. Whoever was closest won.

Another fun game was taking jars of baby food, removing the labels, and numbering them. Guests had to guess what food each jar contained. Whoever had the most correct won.



answers from Denver on

My sister did a matching game for me about adult animals and what their babies are called, like this: Goose - Gosling, Kangaroo Doe - Joey, Ewe - Lamb. It was pretty fun.

Guess how big mommy is with squares of t.p. where the guests pull off the number of squares they think it will take to go around the mom. This is funnier than heck, but only if the mom has a good sense of humor and isn't all tweaked out about being "big".

Memory game where you fill a tray full of baby items and walk around the room then the guests have to write down all the things they remember.

Safety pin game where each guest wears a safety pin and if a guest says anything with the word 'cute' in the phrase others can take the pin. Person with the most pins at the end wins.

My sister ran my shower like a boot camp. It was great. We mingled, ate, played the games, and opened presents (20 people in attendance) all in just under two hours. At the end of it all she said thanks to everyone and made it clear that there was nothing else to do. It was great. Everyone cracked up and felt relieved to be going home before the afternoon wore on too long.

Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

Throw a ton of pairs of baby socks (separated) in a small bin, and give each guest 30 seconds to put as many pairs together as possible. At the end, give all the socks to the new mommy.

List out a bunch of celebrity baby names and have people match them up to their mommies.

Put a candy bar in a diaper and put in the microwave for 10 seconds. Do this with several different types of candy bars (Hershey's, Rolo, Snickers, etc) and have guests guess what the candy bar is.

Each guest guesses how big mommy's belly is with string.

Those are just a few - have fun!



answers from Dallas on

Great ideas for you. I just attended a shower and she had a few cool games. One was put several whitish powders in baby jars and have the people guess the contents. Another she found celebs and their baby pics. and did a matching game. I think you could also do this with celebs and what they named their children. As a new mom, thank you notes are also a pain. Having guests address their envelopes is always helpful. Have the person recording gifts write them on small pieces of paper and put them in the envelopes with a blank thank you card. Your new mom will appreciate it.



answers from Davenport on

One that we had alot of fun with, was putting rice in a bowl with small safety pins mixed in. Put a blindfold on the person, time them, and see how many pins they can collect. The one with the most wins. It is really funny for those watching.



answers from Dallas on

I recently hosted a baby shower and I didn't want to have the same ol same ol shower game. But, there was one game I was referred to that I had never heard of before. It was the candy bar game. The baby shower candy bar game gets guests to participate by matching a candy bar with each and every stage of baby's development and arrival.

For Example:
Pregnant Belly=Chunky
Hospital Bill=100 Grand

What I did was list the stage of the pregnancy on one page with a blank line next to it. On another page I had pictures of all the candy bars. The guest had to choose from the pictures and write down next to the clue which candy bar they thought fit right.

PM me if you'd like me to email you a full listing of clues as well as the sheet of candy bars.

It was a really fun game. A game that no one had ever played. The Soon-To-Be Mommy loved it so much she told her Mom's group about it.

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