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Spiderman Birthday Party

B.K. asks from Binghamton

Does anyone have any ideas for a Spiderman party? We are holding it at a rec club that has a ball pit, nets (webs) to climb and a slide, so I don't think we'll have ...


Looking for Spiderman Themed Pinatas

J.T. asks from Austin

I'm havig a dandy of a time trying to find an actual spiderman pinata for my upcoming child's birthday party. The pinatas I find are ones that don't look like very mu...


Combined Boy/girl Party... My Son Wants Spiderman... Blegh!!

K.S. asks from Austin

My son will be 4 in August and my daughter will be turning 1. We're having one party for the both of them, but my son insists on having a Spiderman birthday. What do ...


Looking for a Spiderman for My Son's 5Th Birthday Party

G.G. asks from Los Angeles

I am planning a Spiderman birthday party for my son who will be turning five in December. Does anyone know of company that offer characters for birthday parties? I l...


Need Spiderman for Son's 4Th Birthday

M.W. asks from Dallas

OK, so my son LOVES LOVES LOVES spiderman, and he is turning 4 in March. We are having his birthday party at a gymnastics center with a spiderman theme. I'm in the ...


Spiderman Movie for a 5 Year Old?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone seen the new spidey movie? My ex let my daughter see all of the other movies, so at this point if it's no worse I am fine with taking her. So did anyone ...


SuperHero Squad or Spiderman & Friends Birthday Supplies NEEDED

J.A. asks from Chicago

Looking for SuperHero Squad or Spiderman & Friends birthday party supplies...I have exhausted my search online -- the only thing I can find is SuperHero Squad supplie...


Fighing over Bday Party Theme W/ex Husband

K.H. asks from Lincoln

My 4 year old son has not been formally diagnosed yet, we are in the process now, but his OT, Speech, Pediatrician, and mysefl have strong opinions that he has Asperg...


Daughter's Sleepover Party Theme.... Ideas Please!!!

E.C. asks from Dallas

So my daughter is turning 7 on Friday. We are having a sleepover. There are 8-10 girls coming between 7-13. Theme is ROCKSTAR. I want to do a few games. Any ideas. An...


Spiderman or Buzz Lightyear Gifts for a 5 Year Old

C.O. asks from Dallas

My nephew will be turning 5 this soon and he loves the above two figures ... I want to get him something just super special and wanted to know if there were any aweso...