Turtle Themed Baby Shower

Updated on June 23, 2007
H.G. asks from Keller, TX
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My SIL and I are throwing our cousin a baby shower. She has chosen turtles as her nursery theme and wants the shower to have the same theme. I did a little research on-line and found two invitations out of our price range. I also tried to find wording, but because turtle doesn't have anything besides purple that rhymes with it, I didn't have much luck. Any suggestions on how to tie turtles into a baby shower??

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your great ideas...I wish I could use some, but the shower is in California, so I will see what I can find there. We are making our own invitations from stuff we found at the scrapbooking store. We found a little animal wording we liked and just changed tiger to turtle, and it worked great!!

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Try Dragonfly dreams! Here is their website. I buy stuff from them all the time and they do a great job & they are resonable!

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Here's a fun game for baby showers..

As everyone arrives at the baby shower, they get a (homemade, not-expensive) necklace with a turtle charm on it. Might be able to find the charm at a hobby or party supply store. And everytime they say the word "baby" or "turtle", whoever caught them saying it gets their necklace. At the end of the party, whoever has the most necklaces wins a prize. Another variation is whoever crosses their legs looses their necklace to the first person who says something about it.

Another fun idea is a diaper cake. I found them to be quite expensive and enjoyed making my own. It was lots of fun! You can make it whatever theme you want : )

The "prizes" do not have to be anything extravogant. A simple candle will work. Or a free babysitter coupon. Anything original would be nice : ) Have a great time!!



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I just made shower invitations for my neighbor who had a palm tree theme (also different from the norm. They did not know the sex so I used the following wording:

They’re expecting a Baby
A new bundle of joy;
A very special gift
Be it a Girl or a Boy!

You are invited to a Baby Shower
honoring ___

I printed the invitations using colors similar to the nursery colors and found a plam tree rubber stamp and stamped each invitation in the lower left corner. I also found ribbon similar to the bedding and tied a cute bow on the top center with a baby foot charm… they turned out nice and looked professional.

You could find a turtle rubber stamp and use turtle ribbon and even write something by the “Registered at” part of the invite that the theme is turtles.

Good Luck!



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I make really cute Diaper Cakes and I have done the turtle theme you can see some of my cakes go to Google type in Diaper Cakes by B. and I will be the first one Diaper Cakes $20--$50 e-mail ____@____.com ###-###-#### The yellow and green one is a frog cake and I could do one with turtles.
Have a great Shower!!
B. W



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I have an online stationery business www.thepaperpark.com. We don't have anything with turtles in stock but there are some I could possibly order in the catalogs we have. If you're interested send me a PM and I can send them in an email to you.




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Hi H.,

Maybe it is just me, but when my little baby boy was born I liked to call him my "little turtle." Just an idea that you might want to run by your cousin first to make sure that she is not offended, but you could somehow refer to the new baby as a "new little turtle who will soon be getting lots of love" or we are throwing a shower to "welcome a new little turtle to our great big pond."



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This may or may not work, but it is the first thing I thought of...perhaps you could go to one of the scrapbook stores and make the invitations yourself? I am sure there are plenty of turtle stickers and you could buy the cards and envelopes plain and decorate them individually. ReCollections or Scrapbook Warehouse would be able to help, I am sure. I know that ReCollections even has a printer you can print them in the store yourself - although they are usually very helpful and can help direct you if you just ask. Good Luck!



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Hi There

Sounds like a fun and unique theme.

I found some cute turtle invites, balloons, plates etc. ON SALE!! at http://www.turtlemax.com/home.php?cat=307

The Cross My Heart Folks have some cute turtle invites. SUCH CUTE STUFF!! (You can see their products and then find a vendor at their site. I usually purchase them at Scrapbook Warehouse In Lewisville but they have lots of stay at home moms that sell them from their homes)

More here for $1.79 if you order more than 30.

http://www.verseit.com/index.cfm Has some good invitation wording advice. Perhaps it will help you come up with something creative.

Good luck and have fun!



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I am not sure about actual decorations but I have a company called Nana Puddin's Boutique and we do customized Burp Cloths, Bibs and much more. We could do some customized items with turtles and the baby's name if you would like. If you have a moment, go check out our page on myspace: nanapuddinsboutique. Thanks!!!



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You could give a turtle candy bar with a personalized wraper for a favor.



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also, check out www.perfectshowers.com

I'm not sure if they have turtles but they have really great stuff for a shower.


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My sister makes adorable diaper cakes and she could make a turlte themed one to tie it all together.


For the invitations, you can just get premade blank cards and print all the info inside with a cute turtle saying on it, and then get cute turtle scrapboking stickers on them and decorate them really cute.

OR you can just get premade cute invitations with polka dots, and then just slap the turtle sticker on it... so it'll look something like this:


You only have to rhyme the word turtle if you use it at the end of the line. Use it in the middle of the line and then you won't have to try rhyming it.
Besides, most invitations wording don't match the theme picture anyways.

You can have cupcakes, and then use the same turtle stickers on the cards, and tape them to a toothpick. That can be the cupcake insert.

And for the cake, it can be a circle cake decorated like a turtle shell, then make a small square cake, and cut it for the legs, head and tail. Assemble it and decorate it. At the bottom of the legs, ice it white like the turtle is wearing a baby diaper, put those decorative diaper pins in the side and a toy pacifier in the turtles mouth.

The punch can be sprite or 7up with lime sherbert in it (very good too.)

And you can get cute green and yellow or blue ballons to decorate with.


There are lots of cute turtle things you can do, (even simple invitations here)


I'm sure any Party City or store will have lots of turtle things.



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IDEA Turtle rhymes with hurdle which could refer to getting past a certain point in the pregnancy...
"It seems that this time goes by as slowly as a turtle
Come share in the fun as we get over this hurdle..."

I have a great caterer who can make beautiful cupcakes or frosted sugar cookies with your turtle pattern to tie everything in. She made them for our high school graduation reception with the school logo on them very reasonably.

Interesting choice for a nursery... I make door hanger mums with ribbon streamers for showers and for the hospital door upon delivery and have done frogs, trains, rabbits, bears etc. but never turtles Could be fun with some monkey grass and a sand textured dome for the decorative turtle to stand on. Michael's craft store and World Market have realistic animals in their toy department also for table decor.



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try princessofpaper.com, she can design anything for invitations if it's not already on her website. Or, you could just print the invitations on green paper, with a white vellum overlay and a green ribbon with yellow dots tied through the top. Then, just put a turtle sticker on it somewhere. Then, you could just use green and yellow plates/napkins at the shower, and decorate the table with any turtle toys you could find. I know of at least one at toys r us, a turtle with shapes in his shell that you hit and his head pops out when they are all down. Hope it works out, have fun!



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I would suggest making your own invitations. Visit a scrapbook store and I'd be willing to bet that you can find paper printed with turtles (you can check at craft stores, but an actual scrapbook store will have a lot more choices). Just start with a basic inexpensive white card, print your message inside and embellish the front with a small piece of the turtle paper, tiny bows and whatever else you want. I found some adorable-- and very inexpensive-- little heart-shaped charms at Michaels (or Hobby Lobby?) that say "it's a girl" or "it's a boy" that can be added to the design (I picture putting a bow at the turtle's neck and adding the charm to the bow-- almost like a little dog tag). You could also use a turtle rubber stamp instead of printed paper. Talk to the people at the store and they can give you ideas. Also, if you're trying to write a poem using the word "turtle," maybe end the line with another word, and use "turtle" in the middle of the sentence. If you can't find paper or anything printed with a turtle, who says you can't just use a basic baby invitation?



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I am assuming she is having a little boy? If so, you could use for your heading the famous:

"Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, that's what little boy's are made of."

As your heading and then type the rest for the info for the shower. You can either decorate and theme it with turtles or do the invitations and the cake with turtles. Match the plates, napkins, and silverware with a green for the turtles.

Depending on how many people will be there here are 2 suggestions.

1. You could asks guests to bring themed gifts to go with the turtle nursery and the most creatvie gift gets a prize. You could do anything for a prize, but when I have done this I did a $25 gift card to a resturant.

2. Round the Clock Shower-give everybody a time around the clock from am to pm and tell them their gift needs to correspond with the time. She will end up with mom and baby stuff. For example for 5 in the am she could get some coffee or energy drink to go with the 5 am feeding. For 10 pm she could get a cute nighty to have some alone time with hubby.

Good Luck!



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What is your budget? I am sure I could create invitations and possibly a cake if you are interested.



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I usually design my own invites it doesn't take long. I can actually do them for you. Just give me a turtle you are looking at. I then send the finished product to Walgreens and have them printed like pictures. I have seen people send them out just like a 4X6 photo and some people add a border to it for thickness and just "eye candy". It is simple and VERY cost effective. I only charge a one time fee for the work. And it can be done online or through email.

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