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Updated on September 02, 2010
M.H. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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So my daughter is turning 1 on November 30, and I would like to start planning her party. Yes, I know it's silly to plan this early, but seeing as how I am not very crafty and am crazy busy I'd like to get a head start. Plus, she's my first child so I'm kind of excited. :) The problem is that I'm having a really hard time coming up with a theme. I definitely want to do a theme of some kind, just to make it fun, but not sure what. What are some good ideas for a baby girl's first birthday? Also, any good stores to get decorations, or even better a web site that will show me how to make a lot of the stuff?

*Note: I don't really like Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, or any sort of Dora stuff, and I don't want it to be Christmas or Thanksgiving themed.

Thanks for your help mamas!

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answers from Cincinnati on

On the right hand side chose female. The cutest ideas for the 1st birthday! I absolutely love the lady bug one, and the cupcake one!

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answers from Tallahassee on

Hi there,

My son's 1st birthday is 28th of October. I using www.1stwishes.com they have lots of themes. Have fun it is such a fun time!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

When my son turned one we had a college theme birthday where everyone wore attire from their favorite college and we had a cake made with little athletes from Weber state, Utah State, U of U and BYU with his own little U of U cake for him to eat. Then we had everyone donate to his college fund instead of giving presents. It was a lot of fun. For decorations I just blew up a bunch of balloons and had them on the ground for the kids to play with. We also made a time capsule/scrap book with things that had happend in his first year of life. So I had a table set up with construction paper and markers and had categories like: Favorite movies fromt this year, Exciting news stories, Exciting Family Events, favorite memory of Gavin... etc... I think it will be fun for him to look back on when he gets older.

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answers from Dallas on

I did a teddy bear theme for my little ones' 1st parties...then you can save my feminine themes for later on, like ballerina, etc. I did a teddy bear shaped cake (a one-layer cake made out of 2 round cakes, with one cut apart to make bowtie and ears...like you do for an bunny cake at Easter, but with smaller ears...and some discard). I piled up all the bears we had, plus borrowed bears, for decorations. I got bear wrapping paper. It was a cute easy theme.



answers from Dallas on

For my children, the first birthday was a family event instead of a huge party, so my themes were mostly for making their cakes. My son loved rubber duckies, so his first birthday was ducky themed. My daughter was completely obsessed with books, so her's was a nursery rhyme theme. The cake looked like a story book with the characters standing up off the pages (made of candy melts). I decorate cakes and here are some of the non-character first birthday cakes I have been asked to make : animals, noah's ark, farm, ballet, butterflies and lady bugs, flowers and lots of color themed cakes (pink and brown is a girly fave). Have fun!



answers from Denver on

I did bugs for my daughters first birthday. I know you are thinking, BUGS? FOR A GIRL? Believe me, it was the cutest thing. I did a big lime green caterpillar cake, hung butterflies from the light fixture over the table and drew a bunch of cute, big eyed colorful bugs all over white rolled paper for the table cloth. I accented everything with pink and lime green napkins and plates and did a little lady bug cake for her to make a mess of. For gifts for her little friends, I did these little stuffed animal bugs that vibrated, some candy, and little party blowers in bags with a balloon tied to each one (the balloons made great decoration too.) It really turned out great and VERY cute.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Colorado Springs on

What fun! I hope you have a good time with this - but remember that this party will be mostly for people older than the birthday girl! One-year-olds don't care much about parties except for the two "parties" of mama and daddy! And your daughter may get tired and stressed out that day, and do some crying. This is NOT to rain on your parade - it's to let you know what to expect so you won't be disappointed! It's just what one-year-olds do, and it doesn't spoil the get-together one bit.

(My youngest grandchild had her first birthday this week, and there are wonderful photographs that run the gamut from grinning to crying. Another gran, a few years ago, *slept entirely* through her first birthday party - but everybody else had a wonderful time.)

Having said that, why don't you go over to your nearest party store (i.e., Party City - assuming there's some such store near you), look around, and see what really tickles your fancy? You may find a theme, or you might find a color or design you love. A party store is a great place to get ideas, I think, whether you decide to purchase there or to do your own thing. If you know what other (older) children will be coming, you might ask them to help you decide - they might love to be Assistant Party Planners!

Once your little girl is two, she'll have party ideas of her own!



answers from Washington DC on

Great sites I use fro planning are below. My little girls parties have been:
-Flowers and Butterfles
-Penguins with a Igloo Cake
-Monkeys (copied a lot from last link)
-Old McDonald Party
Also, my SIL did a Candy themed first birthday party using glass bowls of gorgeous colored candies and candy wreaths.






answers from Washington DC on

I have a little girl as well and she will be turning 1 on the 18th. Don't hate me, but I might piggy back off your question because I am totally interested in ideas as well.

There are some adorable, easy to make cake ideas on Martha Stewart's website. For mine, I think I am going to make her own cake so she can dive right in eat icing and use her hands.

Parents.com also has cupcake ideas that could give you some themes of cupcake characters you can make and they have an absolutely cute Monkey cupcake (saw the suggestion below).


answers from Rochester on

My oldest (and now my youngest) boy loved He-Man at that age--we had the old cartoons on DVD. I ordered vintage 1982 party hats, napkins, and I think plates from someone on e-bay (fairly inexpensive, but we also had a small party) and filled in with colored streamers and balloons that matched. We used an old Superman cake mould and adjusted it to make a He-Man cake and it was awesome. If there is something your daughter does like, or you really liked as a kid (original My Little Pony, etc.) you could try a "vintage" theme. The first party is almost more for the adults and older children who are there because little ones never seem to care, so you could get away with anything you are interested in that is slighty girlie, like some have suggested (flowers, butterflies, etc.). You can make pretty tissue paper flowers and butterflies that are fairly inexpensive and you could even hang things like that from the ceiling of one of the rooms to make a butterfly garden for the kids to play in or something. Cupcakes can also be a fun alternative to a whole cake, but it is fun to at least have one small cake for a candle.


answers from Salt Lake City on

For my daughter's first, I went with flowers (green, yellow & white). We got balloons in those colors, and I already had white paper plates and forks, got some yellow & green napkins. I made a daisy cake out of 2 round cakes. Cut one into wedges for the petals, and the other one, I cut a circle out of the middle, and the edges I used for the stem (alternating them so they looked kind of like an S). Frosted the middle yellow, the petals white, and the stem green. It all turned out cute and I got lots of compliments. Best of all, it was really cheap. I saved the $$ I would have spent and bought her more books (her absolute favorite!) My advice, save money, do it cheaper (I don't mean cheap & lame, just cut costs as you can!). She won't remember it. Save the money for a birthday she'll remember!



answers from San Francisco on

Try www.BirthdayinaBox.com they have some really cute stuff!!



answers from Boise on

I just went to Kurchers and looked for the non-commercial type things. We ended up with farm animals for my son's 1st and construction trucks for his 2nd.



answers from Detroit on

We went with this theme for my daughter's first birthday (last week)

I ordered the plates, napkins and balloons from this website, then I paired it with hot pink table cloths from my local party store. I got a lot of comments on how cute the theme was. I made my own birthday banner. I cut out 3 different sized circles (with a scrapbook circle cutter) from pink, brown and white paper then layered them and put on ribbon to hang.

Good luck and have fun planning :)



answers from Cheyenne on

My baby girl turned one this past Spring and I loved her birthday party. We had a tea party! I made a tea pot cake and cake balls. I served punch and hot & cold tea to drink...fruit, veggies, and little sandwiches to eat. I used hot pink, lime green, and baby pink for colors. I purchased all the napkins and such at Hobby Lobby...couldn't find cute tea party supplies so I purchased polk-a-dot supplies. I decorated with 'boas' and balloons. It was adorable! We bought our little girl her first tea set from Fisher Price for her gift from the immediate family. Have fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

With my little men, I just decorated according to what they really liked. My oldest son's first birthday was a teddy bear theme. My second son's birthday was a puppy dog theme. I made the cakes myself, blew up a few balloons, planned a few construction paper and foam decorations, and let the kids play on the floor/in the grass. The party really was more for me and the other adults than for my little men, because they will not remember it.

Relax, take your time, and have fun!

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