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Updated on June 17, 2009
N.W. asks from Buffalo Grove, IL
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My 7-year old is turning 8 and is having a "Princess Party" at our house. When she first described the idea of having a Princess Party she described the dress she wanted me to buy her (a long blue dress with diamonds on it). I ignored the dress request and we focused on planning the decorations, games and who to invite. In my head I figured she could wear her flower girl dress from our wedding (long beautiful pink dress with pearls on it) or my old ballet costume (white satin with white, blue and pink tulle, lace and sequins).

When I explained that I couldn't go buy her a blue dress with "diamonds" on it she was very upset. No way would I go pay loads of money for a birthday party dress! We are having this party on a tight budget. When I mentioned the flower girl dress or the ballet costume she didn't want to wear either. Her favorite color is blue, and she wants a blue dress.

Part of me was angry at her for refusing to wear those dresses and expecting us to go buy her a princess dress when we're already throwing her a party. The other part understands that it's her fantasy Princess Party and she wants to be the Princess in her favorite color dress. Also, I'm thinking I should have told her straightaway that she could have a Princess Party but we weren't going to buy her the princess dress she was describing. At the time I was just happy she had FINALLY chosen something she wanted to do, she had been going back and forth for weeks.

I've scoured craigslist, freecycle and the local thrift stores. I found a few things but she didn't like them, and I thought they were ugly too.

I could try sewing her a dress. I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine but I've never really made something before (just pillows and stuff)! I'm thinking could just buy blue tulle, sew it to elastic and glue sequins and rhinestones on it with a glue gun (we have plenty of sequins and rhinestones). For the top I could sew a blue satin tank or I could purchase a blue tank top. Would that be bad?

Any other ideas? Would you go through the trouble or would you make her wear one of the dresses she has?

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answers from Chicago on

I'd say the party is a lot of work so sewing would not be reasonable. If your pretty, pretty princess won't cave on wearing her own beautiful dress, maybe you could tell her, fine we'll get the dress but it'll be your birhtday present from dad and me. Then she can decide if it's worth being her only present or maybe that other dress might be pretty after all. :) Or if she REALLY wants the dress, she'll be happy to get it as her gift. I find that if my kids really want something, when I spell out that it'd be their whole gift or most of it, they either decide it's too much (their own terms of too much because they have no concept of money!) or say it's worth it. Sometimes you don't know which way they'll go. lol. If you can get her to explain why she doesn't like her own dress, maybe because it lacks bling, you might go get a thing of heat-fix crystals (hobby lobby or Joann's will have them) then let her do a design she likes & you iron them, that might solve the problem a lot easier and you both win.

Only you can decide if she's being unreasonable in demanding a new dress. I tend to think if it was me I'd tell her either wear her own beautiful dress or her birthday suit lol. But then I'm a mean mom! lol.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I see your dilemma. You want to make her happy but at the same time be realistic. I have a one year old daughter and already am worried about the princess thing. It's certainly a well marketed idea out there. No wonder your daughter wants to be a princess!! I say go with your gut. Even if she's disappointed with not having a new dress for the party, she's learning a lot. In life, you can't have everything you want all the time!! She'll be always disappointed if she always expects everything she wants. Important lesson I say! All this being said, the dresses you mention that she already has sound AMAZING and I don't see the necessity of spending $ at the whim of a 7-yr old! (fast forward to the teen years....yikes!)
Just my opinion....good luck mama!!

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answers from Chicago on

I guess the real question should be how far do we go to make our children happy? Her friends haven't seen her in her bridesmaid dress. Could you add a little decoration to it? Mayibe, have her sew on the sequins (very time consumning work.)

My daughter had a princess party last year and we had all the girls come in their princess costumes. Served mini bagel pizza, fruit on swirly straws, lemonade with sprite and sherbert (served in princess cups from oriental trading.)

Best wishes

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answers from Chicago on

Okay, so I might be mean but I'd find some way to convince her that a pre-existing dress is certainly fitting for a princess. If this were my kid, I wouldn't be caving in to every whim. She's already getting the super princess party and with your tight budget it doesn't seem like you can really afford to put out more cash.



answers from Chicago on

You can buy the fabric at most fabric store. The sequins will need to be sewn on but to attach the rhinestones there is special glue you can buy. Ask at the fabric store when you buy your fabric.
Lastly did you check ebay for this dress. They sure have a lot of different items.




answers from Chicago on

The Disney Store has the princess dresses on sale right now and the blue Cinderella dress is $30. If she wore it for her party and possibly for Halloween, it might be more cost efficient. I've also seen dresses in the same price range on as I have a Snow White wanna-be on my hands.

Butterfly Craze has some interesting ideas you may be able to copy for less money than they are selling

You may also be able to find a blue tulle skirt at Claire's and they're usually under $10.

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