Son Wants a Robin Party (Batman/Robin), but They Don't...

Updated on February 07, 2010
T.O. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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So my son will be 3. He really wants a Robin birthday party (from Batman). His brother had a Batman party so he doesn't want that...he wants Robin. I know he is only 3 and it's not the end of the world, but we'd love to have his birthday be what he'd like. I can't find anything. All the Batman stuff has only Batman (no Robin) and is the exact same stuff his brother had. The colors of Robin are red, green, and yellow so I figure we could get plates, napkins, tableclothes in those colors, but I have no idea what else to do. Any thoughts? Any suggestions on where to look? Teen Titains has Robin in the "lead" role, but they no longer make b-day supplies. I looked on e-bay and only found 1 thing...which wouldn't help us at all.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for your ideas. Love the Superhero party theme instead of just Robin...I'm sure he'd go for that! Didn't think to look on Amazon either. Thanks again!!

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Found a Robin costume here:

This link gives ideas for a Batman theme as far as food and activities, just adjust more for Robyn, where you can.,-and-t...

Maybe make it a SuperHero party...with him being Robyn and everyone else can come as who they want (but no other Robins), maybe a Teen Titans party or Justice League Party. Your colors could still stay the same, there are tons of "Gotham City" backdrops to add to the look as well.

Here is a link to Justice League Party and Decor ideas including a "Hall of Justice";



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Hi Tracy,
I Googled "Teen Titan party supplies" and found some stuff at Amazon (and other websites).

Good luck!



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If you search on ebay for Teen Titans, there is a bunch of stuff. I saw a tablecloth and a birthday banner.

Here is what I would do. Get basic decorations in Red, yellow and green. Get some small Teen Titan figurines to place on a cake and/or goody bags.



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use the colors. Buy masks at a party supply store and have the kids decorate them. There were t-shirts available on ebay of robin under "robin from batman" you could also purchase a comic book and have the cover enlarged as a decoration. There are some images on google if you search robin from batman and click images. print them out and make masks out of them or use them to decorate. Good luck! below you can find a link to a large cut-out of robin

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