Star Wars Birthday Ideas?

Updated on September 09, 2011
A.C. asks from Keller, TX
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Yes, I am a total Star Wars nerd, and my son has become one too! He was given a yoda t-shirt and was scared of it (yoda looks strange) until my husband said "Yoda is not scary----he's like, a sifu" (Kung Fu teacher). That did the trick, and he suddenly loved Yoda. So we started showing him the movies, and sitting there to explain things to him. He's a huge Star Wars fan now, and requested that his next birthday party be a Star Wars party.
He will turn 5 at the end of October. Can you creative mamas help me out with some ideas to make this a fun, exciting party for him? It will also be his first party that will be several friends, his OWN friends (not just mommy's friends, lol) from soccer, kung fu, awanas, and preschool. I do have an R2D2 cake pan and have the instructions on how to decorate it. But.....that's all.

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answers from Honolulu on has GREAT party accessories and favors etc.
They DO have, Star Wars things.
Just put "Star Wars" in their search box.
Their Star Wars items are real cool.

Great products. My friend gets her kids their party things from here all the time. Really nice and good quality.
They also have really awesome personalized items too. My kids have those from my friend's kid's party still.... and it is really cute/nice and we still use it.

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answers from San Diego on

There are a ton of Star Wars party ideas on the Internet. We've been to a few, and here are some of our favorites:

* Death Star pinata (they also have ones in the shape of Darth Vader and R2D2)
* Death Star watermelon - my friend carved the outside of the watermelon to look like the Death Star
* Yoda soda - Sprite with green food coloring
* Light sabre pool noodles - there is a tutorial online about how to make light sabres out of pool noodles. Might be a good idea for an inexpensive party favor.
* Han Solo stuck in carbonite jello - put an action figure in a pan of jello
* Williams-Sonoma has Star Wars shaped cookie cutters - they are a ton of work to frost to make them look right, but they are very cool-looking.

Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

We went to a Star Wars party this summer and it was so fun!. The mom did Jedi training with the kids. Each child was give a light saber which she made by cutting a 2.5 foot length off of a swim noodle and taping 2 lines of silver shiny tape on one end. The kids were able to have light saber fights without hurting anyone and then they got to take it home with them. The mom did set rules that they couldn't hit the face or below the belt. Part of their training also included hitting blown bubbles with their light sabers. The kids loved it!

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answers from Dallas on

My son wanted a Ghostbusters party for his fifth birthday. We did "Ghostbuster Training". I made up activities they had to complete (water balloon toss for aim, an obstacle coarse, punch a ball hanging from the ceiling and make slime) and then they got a stamp in their training book. After they got all their stamps they got a Ghostbusters badge (Sheriff badge from the dollar store that I glued no ghost signs to) and a portable proton pack (Silly string) to bust ghosts, which basically means silly stringing the decorations in the garage. What was fantastic is that it was not competitive. No one got upset that they missed, they were just excited to play. You could easily do something along these lines and do Jedi Training. I use this website a lot, here's the Star Wars party ideas We combined ideas from the Star Wars and Super Hero links to come up with our party.

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answers from New York on

Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma (can't remember) has awesome Star Wars pancake molds. We have them and they are great! You could do something with those, I'm sure.

Definitely check out costume shops... maybe find a way to have the kids make Clone helmets or play pin-the-helmet on Vader? I would just take "classic" kids party games and give them a SW spin!

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answers from St. Louis on

perfect time of the year to buy glo-sticks.....& that can be the basis of your Star Wars theme!

I like the other posters ideas, too! Good job, Moms!

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answers from San Francisco on

Go to and search "star wars" you will get tons of ideas!
When my son turned five we had a lego star wars party. I made a simple cake and decorated it with lego star wars action figures. The cake also said "may the force be with you."
My son is actually named Luke, and when my daughter was born we seriously considered naming her Leia. But we decided the geek factor would be just a little too high, lol!

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answers from Augusta on

How about start collecting paper towel or wrapping paper rolls and let them make their own light sabers. And let them battle.
pin the ears on Yoda. ie pin the tail on the donkey

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answers from Atlanta on

Bouncy house with a star wars banner on it, we have had a cars, Halloween, and toy story bouncy houses in the past. Places like oriental trading, dollar stores and craft places always have star wars stuff. Make grab bags with mini light sabers, r2d2 puzzles, what ever. If you want to go a little crazy dress up as princess Leia and hubby like Luke. But most of all have fun!

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answers from Chicago on

maybe invite the kids to come in costume--might give ideas for their Halloween costumes.

for a craft you could make Yoda ears or Princess Leia ear buns

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