Baby Shower Brunch Ideas

Updated on May 01, 2012
T.L. asks from Elmwood, WI
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I am planning a baby shower for my sister and have chosen a rubber duckie theme, but am lost as to what to serve for food. we will be starting the party at 11:00am so I was thinking some kind of brunch but really not sure. So if you have any cute baby food Ideas I would love to hear them also do you have any tips for planning and running a baby shower smoothly thanks T.

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answers from Dallas on

We're having a brunch for my son's First Communion on Saturday. Here's the menu:

Ham and Cheese Quiche
Sausage and Egg Casserole
Bananas and Strawberries
Chocolate Chip Muffins

It's all easy to make, easy to serve, and delicious!

Have fun at the shower!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think the adults attending would love to have some grown up food! LOL

Google Creme Brulee French Toast. To DIE for! (And you prepare the night before & bake next day & serve)
Add some fresh fruits, juices, coffee, tea and maybe a breakfast meat (ham sausage, or bacon) and you're "done".....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Make it easy on yourself:
-mini scones
-coffee (caff & de-caff)
-scrambled eggs
-sausage you just heat & serve
-baguette of bread sliced up, sliced cheese, salami, smoked honey
turkey deli meat
-veggies w/Ranch dip (carrots, celery)
-bowls of m&m's
-if you go now you MAY hit the Easter candy clearance & they have duck
chocolate candy (like the bunny choc you put in Easter baskets. Take
out of box & put on plates.)
-decorate table w/rubber ducks
-small white cocktail napkins wrapped around brown jelly beans like a diaper as a "fun" favor
- orange juice
-champagne & oj cocktail
-you can fashion a little "pool" as the centerpiece w/blue tinted water (food coloring) w/little mini rubber duckies floating in it
-you can have a few games (20 questions: do you know sex of baby, baby names, due date etc).
-Give everyone a clothespin they put on their clothes, lose it if they cross their legs or say the word "baby). The one w/the most clothespins wins. Have a small gift.)
-use baby alphabet blocks as decorations on the table
-running the shower:
greet everyone
get them a beverage
introduce ppl or give a quick shout out "hey everyone, this is Amy".
have food out in several locations
play a game or not
open gifts
Have fun! :)

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answers from Milwaukee on

You can have those little mini sausages or mini everything. The baby carrots. Make cupcakes with little ducks on it or a cake in the same theme. I don't really think the food matters as much as the decor.



answers from Spokane on

When I do brunch, this is my menu:

Caramel Apple french toast
fruit kabobs
cheese plate
cinnamon buns

As for having things run smoothly, there are basically 3 elements to a baby shower: food, gifts and games. Depending on the number of guests, in our family we let the mama-2b eat while we all visit, then the rest of the guests eat while she's opening all the gifts. Sometimes we play games, sometimes not.

Have fun!!

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