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Updated on January 23, 2012
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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Can you hlep out with decorations and favor ideas for a hollywood themed party?

What's making this tough for me is that it's for cubscouts. So #1 boys and #2 young boys whose concept of the movies is netflicks and on demand.

Also my son and hubby will participate in the all male cake bake, no mommies allowed. They are considering using graham crackers and writting HOLLYWOOD on it wiht white icing. but maybe if you suggest something cuter, I could just leave this page up and hubby could happen to walk by and see it, lol So a themed cake that is all edible, any ideas???

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So What Happened?

Wow Great ideas, I was having a total mental block. Marilynn Monroe was all l could think of. THank YOU!!

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answers from Houston on

No glitz and glamour, that's for sure.

I guess you''ll be leaning more towards cowboys and indians, gladiator or Roman soliders, Star Wars, Transformers, superheroes and Indiana Jones?

See if you can find and display theater posters of famous guy movies. Or print them off the computer, mount it on black posterboard, cut holes around the edges and push those pointy light bulbs through them.

Have a marquee display saying "Now Showing: Cub Scout Pack #19".

Edible themed cake - a hat shaped like Indiana Jones? a lightsaber? a movie reel? (2 round cakes side by side w/long strips of gum or fruit roll ups edibly painted black for the film)

I know Oriental Trading has a line of Hollywood themed party supplies, but nothing comes to mind at the moment for favors. How about a mix CD of famous theme songs from action movies?

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answers from Detroit on

Theme: Red Carpet Rendezvous

Maybe do a tuxedo cake? For favors, maybe do some gold envelopes with their names on it. You could do prizes too. For drinks, have champagne glasses of sparkling apple cider. Get some of those red and white popcorn boxes and put them in the center of the table Put posters up of their favorite movies--you could probably get these at like Walmart, Target, or Kmart.

Just my 2 cents.

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answers from St. Louis on

for boys this age, it's all about the blockbuster movies & not the glamour. Think "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Indiana Jones", & Disney/Pixar for the decorations & party favors.

By doing a mash-up of all of this, it should be easy! Hit Oriental Trading's website & you'll be good to go. Your local movie rental store may also be willing to donate oversized posters for prizes & decorations.

Super easy way to make a Hollywood cake: use Hostess chocolate cupcakes & spell the word! But if the all-male cake bake is really about baking, then do the same with just cupcakes.

By using the blockbuster movies, this could really be an awesome party!



answers from Seattle on

Red Carpet
Clay for handprints/ footprints (Mans Chinese theatre style)
Stars w/ their names in them
Special Effects Blood
Stunt Man Stuff
Sound Effects
Action! Scene Board / Megaphone
Filming station



answers from Kansas City on

maybe a cake shaped like a star, or a square from the hollywood walk of fame with a star on it?



answers from Los Angeles on

hmmm..... decoration wise you should have them walk in on the red carpet and take a picture like they do for movie relesses. if they can dress up as their favorite movie character that would be cute too.

maybe cake wise i like the hollywood sign idea. maybe they should show the hills with the sign and the city beneath it :)

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