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Updated on July 27, 2011
T.W. asks from Miami, FL
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hi guys,

i hope all is well. i need a little help. I want to do a Pink Cadillac themed the motorized one that you buy for toddlers, with the radio. Well I need some ideas on how to decorate, favors, unique things. Oh and cost efficient so I dont spend sooo much money putting this babyshower together.

Any ideas/help will be appreciated....

A picture of the cadillac is below. this will be the main centerpiece and then small variations to coordinate will be on the tables.

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answers from New York on

Hollywood Starlett! That's what comes to mind when I see a pink Escalade!

- Silver and gold stars (ballons, decorations, invitations)
- Hot pink "linens" and paper goods
- Glitter, rhinestones and even a Red Carpet if you swing it!

"A Star is Born" theme would be adorable!

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answers from Dallas on

I think it would be cute to just use the colors off the car to decorate. Get everything in hot pink and black. Plates, table cloth, streamers, baloons. The theme will be evident enough by the centerpiece. Get a pink cadilac cake - im picturing a pink cake shaped like the rear of a pink cadillac with a little yellow baby on board in the window.

i know the copywright police will be mad at me for suggesting this, but you could make a cd favor of pink caddilac songs. It was sung by Springsteen, Natalie Cole and I think John Prine did a whole cd called pink cadillac songs. Throw ina few songs by Pink. And some Elvis... Pink cadillac is always 50s to me, i think of Elvis's Moms car.

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answers from Norfolk on

I would do a signature drink for the shower either alcoholic or non. Find a great pink punch or something similar and call it a Pink Cadillac! Pink/white/silver plates and napkins would be inexpensive and then you could spend $ on the fun stuff like favors and decorations. I found these for favors

Since their a little bit expensive I'd do maybe every other table along with some pink/silver balloons and then on the alternating tables just pink/silver/white balloons.

I found lots of fun decorations like records when I Googled pink Cadillac favors. You can even get a poodle skirt to wear (or to use on the buffet table maybe around salad bowls or punch bowl)! How cute is that!? Maybe use vinyl records in the centerpieces or hang them from the buffet and/or gift table. Play 50's music. If the baby's room will be pink Cadillac everyone could decorate a vinyl record to hang in baby's room using neon/silver markers or paints. If you want to play games you could have a 50's music lyric fill-in-the-blank or karaoke if the attendees are a fun group. Don't forget about Jukeboxes. You could use pictures of them in your decorating (I bet Party City or Oriental Trading would have them) or to even have a Jukebox there would be awesome but maybe out of your budget.

I could go on for days. I love theme parties! Let us know what you decide or post pics! Good luck and have fun!


answers from Myrtle Beach on

I don't have any ideas for you, but I think that is such a cute idea!! Have fun!!

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