Ideas for Adult 50'S Theme Aprty W/ Kids Also

Updated on July 31, 2007
P. asks from Boynton Beach, FL
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I am planning (at the last minute) a surprise b-day party for my super mother-in-law. I am having it at her clubhouse and as far as the room goes, it's big, open and very plain( think beige beige beige) so while at the party store I decided on the fabulous fifties theme since that was when she was a teenager . The colors for that theme were lots of festive colors to brighten up the party area.Anyone have any ideas for silly games or activities for the adults or the kids? I have some planned things for the kids(my husband is actually a childrens entertainer) so he will do some activities with the kids but I want him to be able to mingle and enjoy the party as well. I am thinking a hoola-hoop contest and the limbo(these are 2 things that I think would be fun for kids and grown ups).Any ideas for activities or other decorations or anything will be appreciated.For party favors I was thinking little 50's style candy jars filled with candy from that time period. Like I said this was kind of sprung on me at the last minute but I am having fun preparing for it. Did I also mention that I am doing all of the cooking ( yes, we like to do it the old-fashioned Italian way). allthough my own mom said to cater it.Again, if anyone has ever thrown a party like this and you have thoughts or ideas let me know.The more creative minds the better !!! Thanks !!!(party is 10-14-06)small,about 25-30 adults and about 8-10 kids.

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answers from Lakeland on

I would first just like to congratulate you for having a super mother in law. I didn't know those existed! LOL.

I was at Party City and Factory Card Outlet a few weeks ago and they both have 50's style decorations. Records for the walls, etc.

Also, you could look up some spiffy saying from the 50s and print them out on pretty paper and hang them on the walls.

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answers from Boca Raton on

If you didn't have a place to have it there is a place in Lake worth call the hip hop sweet shope..... very cute I had my 7 year olds birthday there it was great.

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answers from Orlando on

Hi! My husbands famly threw a fifties themed birthday party for his Grandmother last year. It was incredible what they did for decorations and stuff. They are an extremely creative family. One thing they did for decoratons was research on line some of the toys introduced during thaqt decade and maf\de up a huge poster board with the how they were created. The aslo made a big cardboard cutout of an icecream soda with a balloon cherry on top. The made a cardboard soda couter and out it against one wall and laid out a plastic black and white checkered tablecloth for the floor. They found a poodle picture on line (like a coloring book poodle) and printed them out on pink and blue paper to make nametags. They also found a websir\te that sold all of hte old candy. They found somewhere cardboard cars and used those as centerpices and filled them woth the candy. The party had a lot more than I could ever explain to you, but I think this is enough to get the ideas flowing, I hope.

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answers from Lakeland on

Do a malt shoppe soda bar instead of a punch bowl. Grab a friend and have them man the bar. Serve Root Beer Floats and Soda Pop. I think you can google "soda fountain rentals" and there are a few companies that rent out old fashioned soda fountains. Print out some menus (Maybe 3 or 4) and they can choose what they want and your friend can fix it up. If you can find some old records, they make great center pieces and name plates. Just print out their names in a circle shape (a good "word art" project) with something like "John Doe presented by Table VI Records" and glue them where the original label is. It can even be a take home party favor.

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answers from Gainesville on

Hi P.!

How fun! How about (either real or fake) record albums all over the walls? All sizes, 45, 78? is that right? LOL! How about cheap "ked-typed" canvas shoes that everyone can make into saddle shoes? (Some ideas might be too expensive but I'll throw em' out anyway!) There are decorations called "Scene setters or room setters" (Oriental Trading is one source that carrys them as well as Ebay) I don't know if they have a 50's sock hop but they're like a huge piece of wallpaper that changes the room. Even if you only did one wall you could make that a focal point. Have everyone dress like they were in the 50's (costume shops, thrift stores, mom & dad's closet!) and take black and white pictures. Some guys can be "greasers", while others preppy. Have the soundtrack of Grease play in the background or have several 50's groups play on a CD player with multiple disc changer that can play all night. Google "50's Party Theme" and see what others have done. I hope this helps.....


p.s. ~Now do you have any ideas for a DIFFERENT baby shower theme with no gender? I was thinking baby blocks......Good Luck!



answers from Port St. Lucie on

Sounds like alot of fun. i would get the hats with the 50 on it , sometimes they make them with different style and colors. i would decorate everything in different colors, tables, maybe chairs, different color balloons and such. get some great 50-60 music to play. maybe have everyone dress in certain styles or colors that always makes it fun..good luck

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