Camo/hunting Theme Birthday Party for My Son 7Th Birthday Party

Updated on July 31, 2013
N.G. asks from Searcy, AR
5 answers

Help! My son wants to have a camo/hunting theme birthday party and I have know ideal how to decorate for it are what kind of games to do

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answers from Columbia on

Check the sports and outdoors section of Walmart. They have all kinds of hunting stuff and I'll bet you could find some Realtree camo ponchos or something that you could hang up. Also, here's a site with Mossy Oak decor.


How about "archery" with the rubber-tipped arrows and deer/ turkey targets? Use a traditional recurve bow. Local sporting goods stores sell them in kids' sizes. Prizes for the best shot?

Stength competition? Get out dad's compound bow and see who can pull it back the furthest (with assistance from an adult, of course).

Pin the white-tail on the deer? (use a deer target).

Sounds like it's going to be a great time! :-) Happy birthday to your son!



answers from St. Louis on

Look at Oriental Trading Company!

Games could be 'shooting' a target with a water gun, relay type races that are similar to basic training activities (scaling a wall or something, crawling on all fours, etc).

Be sure to get some face paint to cover the boys faces in camo.

Maybe some sort of duck hunting game where they can throw a ball at a few ducks (think carnival style).


answers from Spokane on

Both my boys have had a camo/hunting theme party ~ I decorated with green, brown and black streamers and balloons and found camo plates, napkins. I made a chocolate cake and frosted it with white, green and chocolate frosting to look like camo.
We gave out army men for the 4 y/o party and nerf guns for the 9 y/o party favors. The 9 y/o ran around our property and played with their nerf guns for hours. For my oldest son we took him and 4 of his friends to the local lazer quest place to play lazer tag (sort of goes with the theme :).

ADDED: here's a super cute recipe for camo cupcakes


answers from Austin on

Do you have an Academy Surplus store? They have TONS of camouflage
Stuff. They have bandanas for great prices. They have all sorst of hunting stuff..

But also see if an Army surplus place has some large Netted Camo Covers.. Last time I checked they were not very much, we used them at the school carnival for our M.A.S.H. Booth..

Maybe paint a Deer Head on a board and have the kids throw water balloons at it.

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