Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Games

Updated on February 11, 2011
A.G. asks from Pocatello, ID
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So in the next few months I have to help host a Bridal shower for my sister in law and a Baby shower for my sister. I want to do a couple fun games at both so I need some ideas. I'm not a fan of the taste the baby food game or the guess the candy bar in the diaper so none of those. I have one game for the baby shower which is guess the celebrity baby bump. I'll have pictures of different pregnant celebrities with their faces blackened out and every has to guess who it is. And I don't have any ideas for the bridal shower so any ideas would be great thanks :)

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answers from Denver on

match the celebrity baby's name to the celeb? Especially the unusual ones-makes for great conversation.

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answers from Spokane on

I did one for my SIL and it was "Items found in a woman's purse". I had a list and each item was given a point value. It was SO much fun!!
PM if you'd like me to email you my sheet, I saved it.
For her bridal shower I also did a "how well do you know the bride and groom" and I asked some general questions and some personal questions and it was fun. Her Mother especially enjoyed that one :)
For her baby shower one of the games I did was match the baby to it's animal Mother. There are some very difficult ones. I didn't save that one, but you can google it and get some very interesting ones.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hmm...I like the guessing what's in someone's purse...that would be funy and fun! Or maybe have everyone take out the craziest thing from their purse and then everyone has to guess who it belongs to (minus that person of course). Here is a baby shower game you can check out:

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answers from Erie on

bingo, people fill in the squares with things they think the bride will get and then as she opensgifts the squares get crossed off and the first to get bingo wins

the last few showers i have been too didn't involve games, guests were assigned a number when they entered and through out the party numbers were pulled and door prizes were given. you could always add the element that they could steal from other gift winners.

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answers from Fort Collins on

We did a multi tasking game for my friend's baby shower. Two people held up a clothesline and each person was timed while they held a baby doll, held a phone to their ear and hung out a specific number of baby clothes on the line all at the same time. It was hilarious!!
We have played the match the celebrity birth name to their new stage name and it was fun too. I also researched a number of commom baby names (including the chosen baby name) and had guests match their meanings to each name.
Blindfolded diapering is fun and for my friend's co ed baby shower we had baby olympics. I filled a babypack to about 30lbs and they had to wear it backwards while they completed a series of events...Tie your shoe, lay down and stand back up without help and other impossible things to do while you are pregnant.
My MIL had each letter of the alphabet printed out and had each guest color one and write some advice on the sheet. She later made an alphabet book out of the sheets for her daughter.

Wedding shower -
See who knows the bride and groom the best -Seperately ask the bride and groom a series of questions about themselves ahead of time and then ask them to the guests at the party (including the bride).

Ask everyone to write a piece of advice on an index card, then have the bride guess who wrote it. You can do the same thing, but have everyone bring a favorite recipe.

We have also played wedding malarky. I looked up old wedding myths or terms and had people come up with their origin or meanings. The guests than vote on which one is right.

That is all I can think of right now, but you can google shower games and get more ideas too. Good Luck

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answers from Kansas City on

Okay for the baby can get bottles and fill them with different things like Q-tips, Cheerios, Gerber Puffs, baby spoons, etc....or you could just do non-baby things like coins, candy, etc. and the mom or prize winner could keep those. Anyway, have them set up in a row and have people place a guess as to how many of each item are inside the baby bottle. They can either win what's in the bottle or if it's a baby item have another small prize for them to win. You could also do the Bath Tub game...get a baby bath tub (or you could use a basket) and fill it with stuff from the registry...soap, towels, clothes, bottles, whatever! Then take it around the room and have people try and remember what is in it. Then take it away and people can write down their lists. This is also your gift to the mom to be. If you don't know what the baby's name will be then you can buy some Alpha Bits cereal and give everyone a bag full and a plate. Have them compile as many names (and get creative) as they can using only the cereal letters. Once it's used it's out of the game so they have to have more than one letter of something to use it twice. Then either have the longest list win or let the mom to be judge the most creative or most likeable names! Last suggestion is to take a big spool of yarn or string and have people cut a length that they think will go around the mom to be's tummy. As long as she insn't super sensitive about her weight, this is fun! Those are just a few of the easy and fun ones I have used before.

For Bridal Shower...beforehand ask the groom a bunch of questions about himself and his past like favorite color, name of first pet, where he went to Elementary school, his first job, brand of toothpaste he uses, etc. etc. Then have the bride answer all these questions. If she gets one wrong she has to put a gumball (or marshmallow or whatever) in her mouth and keep it there. It's fun and goofy and it usually ends when the bride starts drooling too much or not being able to shove any more in! ;) I haven't been to a bridal shower in a while, so my ideas are few in this category!

Have fun!

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answers from Pocatello on

For the baby shower I like a game where you make cards for a memory-type game, you should number them randomly on the front so that guests can call out the two numbers they want you to turn over, then they don't have to turn them over themselves every time. The cards have wrods written on the underside that have to do with having a baby, and when a guest makes a match, she gets a candy bar that goes with the word. The fun part is how the word corresponds with the candy! Here are some I can remember, you will probably come up with others on your own: Umbilical cord - Twizzlers, Name of the Father - Big Hunk, Breastfeeding - Milk Way, Conception - Skor bar, Newborn - Runts Twins - Doublemint gum, Epidural - Lifesavers. I have used lots of others but I can't remember them all now, use your imagination or look at party websites for more ideas.


answers from Nashville on

for a baby shower: we did how ever many people are there you write down a number starting with 1 to (lets say you have 20 people there than) 20 on a card. And what ever number the person gets lets say they get 5. then on the babys 5th birthday you will open that card and read what it says. You mainly write down like advice or just something nice and every year on there birthday they open that card for that number. Very cute keepsake kinda thing. I've done this at 2 baby showers. And the mommy to be isnt supposed to read it until the babys birthday.


answers from Dover on

This one can be customized for both. Baby or Bridal Shower Bingo...Make a bingo card with five rows and five columns. Fill in all but one box in each column/row. Then when guests arrive, give them each a card w/ instructions to fill the empty boxes in with gifts they think the mom or bride to be will receive at the shower. Just before gifts are opened, remind everyone to finish their cards before the first gift is open. As gifts are opened, they mark off their boxes and the first to get bingo wins (you can have multiple winners if you want).

Don't Say "Baby" ...hand out a clothespin or safety pin to each guest. Once most arrive, tell them you are starting the game and from that point forward they are not allowed to say the word is harder than you think. If someone says baby, the person who first calls them on it gets all of the person's pins. At the end, the person with the most pins win. **You may want to excuse the mom to be when she is opening her presents because someone always asks "What is it?" and she replys "baby powder or baby blanket".

For either you can play "how well do you know the couple" and set up a series of questions (be sure you have the correct answers to all...may need to ask the bride or mom to be to answer for you ahead of time).



answers from Denver on

Showers are so fun! I have a few ideas.

Baby Price is Right: Buy a bunch of baby items and place them on a tray. Ask each guest to guess the Price of each item. When they are doen with that add tem up to get the total. Whoever is closest wins! The mom-to-be gets to keep the items.

College fund: Tell all guests to bring money for a raffle. Each guest can by one raffle ticket for $1 or 10 for $5. At the end, the winner gets a gift certificate for a nice dinner, Target etc. The money from the raffle starts the baby's 1st bank account!

Thank you notes: Purchace thank you notes for the mom to be in advance. Have each guest put their name and address on an envelope when they arrive. You can pull one envelope at the end of the party for a prize and the mom to be has her Thank you notes addressed.

Hot Potatoe: I got a lingerie T-shirt on some website and wrapped it in a small box. I rewrapped it again 5-6 times. Have the guests sit in a big circle and pass it around to music. The last person that recieves the t-shirt has to model it the rest of the party. (We gave ours to the bride at the end.)

Pictionary/charades of wedding items....bride and groom, flowers, wedding dress, engagment ring etc.

Toilet paper/plunger game: Make one person hold a plunger between their legs and the other a roll of toilet paper. Blind fold them and have them try to get the roll of toilet paper on the plunger. Use a timer to see which guests are the fastest.

Also, take a paper plate and use the ribbons from the gifts to make a rehersal bouquet.

Have fun!


answers from San Francisco on

Hi Andrea
I just hosted my sister's bridal shower a few weeks ago and it was great fun.
I started the party with an introduction ice breaker. Every one had a glass of champagne. I would say clink if you know the bride since childhood and those that did would toast each other and so on eg if you work with the bride,if you are from the brides family or the grooms family,or if you met the bride in the last few years.
1. How well do your know your future husband
A few days before the party I rang her future hubby and asked him a bunch of questions eg his middle name, first pet,first job,favourite movie,book,movie star, his shirt,shoe sizes etc. I asked the bride the questions on the night and each wrong question she took a shot or sip of champagne.
2. How well do her friends know the bride.
I did the same with the bride a few days beforehand,asked a bunch of questions.
I passed around some paper and pens to all the ladies. They wrote down the answers. Each wrong question a drink had to be taken.
3. A memory of the bride.
I again passed around pieces of paper and got each lady to write down a special memory of the bride. I called out each memory and the bride had to guess who it was.
4. First kiss.
Each lady had to give ALL the details of their first kiss.

Finally as a surprise for the bride.
On the night get a separate photo of each lady in attendence.
Buy a special book and get each lady to write something special at the end of each separate page. When you get the photos developed place them on the relevant pages. It's a lovely memory for the bride.

Sorry have no baby shower games.
Enjoy the parties



answers from Denver on

I threw a bridal shower for a friend last year and here are the game I played.

This is a little overboard but I made a game that is like Apples to Apples but with Wedding-related nouns and adjectives. I had the cards printed up at Kinkos and laminated which took more effort and cost a bit but wast totally worth it. I have loaned that game out to other friends for showers and it's been a real hit! And you can play it w/ any # of people.

We also did "Name that wedding movie" where you can do movies about marriage OR movies w/ wedding words in the title (definitely overlap btwn the two).

Bridal shower bingo is fun where you put "Buzz" words in a grid and as the party goes on people try to get a bingo out of people's conversations.

You can randomly assign two teams by giving them colored rubberbands and have some competition where they try to get each other's rubberbands by getting the other team to say wedding buzz words.

(these all work for baby showers too, just use baby-related themes/words).
You can also do "name the baby animal" contest (get weird ones too like owlets and signets etc.).

I have more ideas but these are my best ones. =)



answers from Salt Lake City on

Baby Shower game: I have done the game you buy a bunch of baby items and put them on a cookie sheet. Then you give the ladies a few minutes to look at the items and then take the tray away. I put a twist and play something else and then come back to the game and have them list what they remember is on the tray. The one with the most correct, wins a little price. I actually played the baby food game but I didn't let anyone open the jars because I wanted to give them to the new mom. But I got liek 10 different baby food jars, then I carefully took the labels off, so later I could tape them back on. Then I numbered the jars and the labels. Then the gals had to try to figure out what flavor each one was. It was a lot of fun.

I have for both a baby or bridal made my own unscramble words game. I use words that would be related to the shower. It is alot of fun.

Good luck

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