Haloween Themed Baby Shower??

Updated on September 09, 2008
B.D. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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Hey All. You have always assisted with my questions, so again I'm back with another. My sister is pregnant with Baby # 2... this one is a girl... due in December. We are hosting a "babyshower" in October towards the end. Since she has baby # 1 and he is only 21 months, she still has the bulk of his stuff... car seat, high chair, bla bla... so its not really a shower but kind of.... Anywho... we har having it late October and its going to be Halloween theme.... I need ideas of games and gifts and what not for the event.... I'm thinking of instead of a cake... making cupcakes in the shapes of pumpkins, or cookies in the shapes.. its going to be co-ed and children will be invited... let me know your thoughts ideas etc....


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answers from Dallas on

Invitation idea: "A baby is brewing! Come to a halloween baby shower to celebrate (parent's names) new baby. Join us on (date), (time) for a ghoulish good time!"

White balloons with hanging sheets of cheesecloth and gauze, fall leaves, black kittens, baby pumpkins, tea lights and ivory colored tablecloths.

Red punch (3 packs of strawberry kool-aid, 1 can of pineapple juice + 2 cans water, 3 cups sugar, 2 liter Sprite) and mummy dogs, (hot dogs wrapped in breadstick dough), Wilton makes a fun ghost-shaped cake mold:

Games / Activities:
Mummy Knows Best- a trivia game for the mother-to-be. Guests write a clue about themselves on a sheet of paper and the guest of honor does her best to figure out which clue describes which guest.

Mummy's Diaper- Divide guest into two teams. Give each team several rolls of gauze. Each person has to wrap the gauze around themselves to make a diaper and then pass the gauze to the next team member. The team that finishes first gets mummy's papered basket, full of luxurious bath items.

Pumpkin bowling- Use pumpkins as your bowling ball and baby bottles for the pins. Fill the baby bottles with candy corn or another halloween candy to weigh it down.

Creepy Crawlers- Place different objects in bags for guests to feel and guess what they are. Make sure the bags are not see thru! Some items to use could be peeled grapes for eyeballs, and spaghetti noodles for brains. Use your imagination to create fun items for them to touch.

Baby Sounds- Record baby sounds on a tape recorder for guests to guess. The sound must be related to a baby or an action that involves the baby. The person with the most correct guesses will win a prize. (Some ideas would include running water for a baby bath, velcro sound of a diaper change, zipper from a sleeper, sucking sound from pacifier, etc).

Good luck, it sounds like fun!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Line cupcakes up in shape of big pumpkin, then spread orange icing over all at once. Looks like one big cake, but pulls apart into separate cupcakes.

Other Halloween snacks, that you could probably turn into baby-themed stuff if you think hard enough:

Eyeballs - - Rice Krispie treats rolled into balls with one black M&M stuck in middle

Kitty-litter cake - - cake with grey icing and tootsie rolls, served with litter-box scoop!



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Just one idea... if your sister already has a lot of stuff and y'all just want to get together to celebrate, you could have a "baby shower" and have guests bring items to be donated to a local pregnancy shelter. That way your sister isn't overloaded with more stuff and guests don't feel bad about not bringing a gift.



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This should be very fun for the adults and the kiddos. Halloween is always a great theme. Last year family circle's cover was a pumpkin shaped cake and you can make small ones or big ones. I made a small one and it was simple. Not sure if your friends and family like pumpkin bread but it was really good and easy. All you need is some boxes of pillsbury pumpkin bread and a small or big bundt pans. I can send you pics. You use large pretzels sticks for the stem and food coloring to dye the icing orange. It was really cute.. As for punch try lemon and orange slices, orange sherbet and sprite. This punch is really good and it's orange so it will go with your theme. Hope these ideas help!

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