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Affordable Baby Shower Favors/theme

I am throwing my sil a baby shower. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for favors that are affordable. Either to by or make. also the sex of baby is not known. Thank you all


Baby Shower Gift

One of my good friend's is having a baby shower in a couple of weeks and I...


Baby Shower Ideas

Ladies, I am having a baby shower for my neighbor. I scheduled it for 1pm. I...

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Twin Boy and Girl Birthday Party Ideas

I need some ideas for a boy/girl birthday party for my soon-to-be 4 year old twins(May 10th). My little girl just loves princess stuff, but I would really like to have a theme that would be for a boy and a girl so I don't have to buy separate theme supplies. The past two years I have had their party at a near-by park, with little mermaid/princess and superheros both years (at their request!). They have a lot more friends from church and school, and act all grown up, I wanted to do something different and a little more exciting. The only...


Birthday Party Ideas

Hi moms, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a birthday party on a...

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Birthday Party Ideas

Hi moms, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a birthday party on a budget. It's for my son who will be turning 6. There will be 10-15 kids aged 5-6 so I was thinking pizza would be easy but what other activities and games should I plan? The party will be given at my home, any suggestions how long should the party last? Thanks in advance.


Cake for Party

My son is turning 5 and is having a Texas Rangers Baseball party. He wants...

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Friends Having a Joint Birthday Party

My very good friend & I have little girls with birthdates that are just days apart. My little girl will be 3 and hers will be 2. To make things easier on our mutual friends and cheaper for us, we've decided to have a joint party at the Children's Museum. My BIG dilema(s) are the cake and the gifts. I was thinking about getting 1 large cake and 2 'special' cupcakes for each girl. Should we sing for the girls together or sing twice - once for each girl? Personally, I think doing it twice puts a little more 'focus' on each girl but I'm just...

Tea Party

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First Birthday Party

I'm in the process of planning my daughter's first birthday party. We have decided to have the party at a local park, we have rented a shelter to use. But I'm trying to decide what types of food to have, I think it will be around 2pm in the afternoon, and we're inviting family only, so there will mostly be adults there. The party is in May. Any suggestion on food would be great-I'm looking for suggestions that won't break my budget!