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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Hello ladies! I need to plan a baby shower for my sister and would like it to have a theme of some kind. She planned a nursery rhyme themed shower for me and it was adorable! Any ideas? She is having a girl, but I would like to stay away from the princess type themes! Thanks and God Bless!


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Holy Smokes Batman! a $200K Cell Phone Bill!!!

I just saw this on-line and thought to myself - HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!! A higher than usual phone bill can leave anyone stunned. And when Celina Aarons got a jaw-dropper for more than $200,000, it was no mistake. The Florida woman has a plan that usually costs her $175 a month. She includes two of her brothers on it, who are deaf and mute, and use smart phones extensively for texting and communicating more easily. "He's a sweetheart, and he goes to college and I would do anything for him," she told WSVN television of her brother Shamir...


Birthday Party Help!

This weekend I am throwing my 2 yr old son a birthday party. There will only...


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Western Cowboy Party

My son will be turning one in a 5 months. We are wanting to give him a little party with close friends and family. I am wanting to do a Cowboy party. I need more ideas. So far I think I will make some catcus cut outs of card board painted green, marshmellow pops that look like T.N.T. and order a western looking cake. I dont want to go over board and bring in hay or anything too extream. I am asking so far in advance because if I need to make anything I need to allow myself PLEANTY of time. Thanks for you help.


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday...

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First Birthday Bath Theme Ideas?

My Son's first birthday is in 3 weeks and I have chosen a bath theme. I am on a tight budget ($20-30) as we just had to do some MAJOR car repairs. Does anyone have any cute ideas for decorations, food, favors, anything that falls within our theme & would help me stay under budget?


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday...

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"Scrooge" Theme Party Ideas

My son's 5th birthday is coming up and the theme he chose this year is "Scrooge", as in Ebenezer. He has a fascination with Christmas movies. While I don't go all out in terms of carrying out the theme or spending tons of money, I try to work the theme into the party and could use some help with ideas. Most of my ideas are money related. I thought about making a cake shaped like a sack of money, but am open to other easy ideas. I am going to buy coin-shaped candies for the goodie bags. I plan to serve carrot "coins" and sliced turkey...


Son's Birthday Party

My oldest son will be 9 on the 5th and we are going to have his B-day party....

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Disco Baby Birthday Theme

So I am thinking of doing a disco theme birthday party for my daughter who will be 2 in November. She loves to dance and twirl and run around! I thought this would be a cute idea. But the only thing I can think of to do is of coarse the dance floor but would like other actives for a wide range of ages. Any ideas would be great.


Movie Party Theme...

My daughter's party is this weekend and well, she waited almost the last...


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Princess & Cinderella

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Disney Princess Party - Need Game Ideas!

Hello - we are having a Disney Princess party for our daughter who will be 4 in a few weeks. 2 of her friends are 5 & 6 and 1/2 and are coming dressed up as princesses, and then we have 16 month old boy and 10 month old girl that will be coming/dressing up also. This is also a combined party with adult family/friends. Trying to think of fun games for the kids - trying to figure out what would be good for the 2 youngest involved also. I've come across pin the tiara on the princess and Ariel's treasure find so far. Any other ideas greatly...


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday...

Sports Theme

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The Sports Question

When my son was very young he was somewhat uncoordinated. He tried t-ball and soccer, but did not enjoy himself. By about second grade he started to become more interested in sports and his abilities greatly improved. A year ago, in fourth grade, he wanted to play fall baseball. He loved it, and he was one of the best hitters, pitchers, and fielders on the team. He played again in the spring. He still had fun, but had an almost all season batting slump, and was no longer a starting pitcher. He had reached a plateau, while other kids...


Theme Birthday Party

My son can't decide whether to do a Pirates of the Caribbean for his 6th...

Tea Party

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Tea Party Ideas

I wanted to know if anyone has had a tea party for their daughters and if so could you give me some ideas. My daughter is 6 yrs. old and has been telling me that she wants to have a tea party for the longest time, so I agreed and we are having it this coming weekend. There's only going to be about 6 girls total. So we have a tea set that they would use, but any creative ideas to make this fun for them would be helpful.