Cowgirl Birthday Party Games

Updated on January 07, 2011
J.P. asks from Glendale Heights, IL
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My daughter is turning 6 and wants to have a cowgirl party at home. We will have about 12-15 kids ranging in age from 3-8, mostly girls but a few boys. The one activity I'm planning is making hobby horses. But besides this craft I need to plan a few games. The problem is we are limited to a pretty small indoor space. I have 2 tables (1 large 1 small) for eating and making the craft, so I'm wondering about games that can be played sitting down at the tables? Open floor space is pretty limited. I do have a few other moms that will be there to help me, so I can even split them into groups to play games if necessary. Any suggestions would be appreciated! We've had all of our previous parties out somewhere due to the number of kids we invite, but she really wants this theme, so I'm willing to try it at home. Thanks!!!

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Photoshop a picture of your daughter on a horse....print out a lot of Cowboy hats and play "Pin the Hat on ________" - not sitting down, but they can stand in a line and it's not as childlike as pin the tail on the donkey.
You can also use bandanas as a gift/prop - have them cover their eyes, give them a piece of paper, and have them draw a horse blindfolded. It's pretty funny to see that they turn up with!

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We went to a 5 year old party where the mom made each child a horse, It was so fun that my child remembers the party, but not wu ho it was for 4 years later. She used green coconut for grass on the cake. She put toy horses on top.
We attended a school party with a rodeo theme that had kids lasso a fake horse, do a pony express race(passing mail to each other), and pin the tale on the horse of course(using sticky note arrows with the kids' names prewritten on them).



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A few simple ones:
- google "free online bingo card maker" and make your own bingo cards with cowgirl-theme words

- play "Cowgirl Pictionary" with cowgirl themed words (you could have participants draw the word, or sculpt it out of play dough)

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