28 weeks

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Period Goes from Every 28 Days to 20 Days

J.E. asks from Denver

I am 39 years old w/o kids I have had my menstrual cycle to occur almost every 28 days with no cramps, then around every 25 days, now it has gone to the 20th day. My...


28 Weeks Pregnant...Leaking Fluid?

T.A. asks from Raleigh

I am currently 28wks pregnant with a baby girl...My last appt was last week, they did a growth ultrasound and everything was fine--she's a big girl, already estimated...


28 Wks Prego- OB Says Measuring 2 Weeks Ahead...

A.F. asks from Chicago

I went to my 28 week appt this morning, had my glucose screening test, and then my OB appt -- the OB says I am measuring 2 weeks ahead. A month ago it was 1 week. S...


Random Stinging Side and Back Pain - 28 Weeks Pregnant

S.B. asks from Kansas City

I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and have a weird stinging pain on the front and back on the right. If I rub on it it stings, or if clothes rub on it or whatever. It's...


28 Month Old Horrible Eater and Hypersensitive Gag Reflex

M.K. asks from Washington DC

I have a 28 moth old who has never been the best eater even as a baby he never took in more than 4oz of milk at a time except for an occasional 5 oz, any more than th...


39 Weeks

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

I am 39 weeks pregnant with my second baby and very ready to be done. I just lost my mucus plug and was wondering how long after loosing your plug did you go into lab...


My 28 Month Old Just Started Preschool and Has HUGE Abandonment Issues and FEAR

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, My 28 month old son started Montessori preschool last Friday and goes from 9am-1pm M-F. It is a school with excellent reviews and I toured 7 preschools ...


My 28 Month Old Refuses to Use the Potty!

C.B. asks from Fort Myers

My 28 month old was fully potty trained before she was 2 years old. We had a new baby 3 days after she turned 2. Now she will not use the potty! She will sit on th...


28 Month Old Not Sleeping in His Bed

C.H. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 28 month old that falls asleep by himself laying in our bed, and I will put him in his bed. But anywhere from 2am-5am he will wake up crying and want to com...


28 Month Old Suddenly Won't Go to Bed

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

We have been so lucky for 28 months. Our daughter has gone to bed like clockwork with no complaints. Except for a brief weening of the pacifier just before her 2nd bi...

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  • like you are leaking amniotic fluid in 2 answers "Sounds like you are leaking amniotic fluid. Good luck and let us know what happens!"
  • into active labor in 3 answers "Lost mine 3 days before going into active labor."
  • peri menopause in 2 answers "I think it's call peri-menopause now."
  • went into labor in 3 answers "I also lost my plug at least a week before I went into labor."
  • call your doctor in 5 answers "I would call your doctor. If you are leaking fluid this could be harmful to you and ..."