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My 2 Yr Olds Violent Behavior

Can someone please help me I have no clue what to do anymore about my 2 yr olds violent and mean behavior towards both of his siblings.he has a severely handicapped 14 yr old brother that he just seems to constantly beat on and when i say beat i mean it he will pick a a toy and just go start pounding him in the face and head with it. he also has a lil brother who is 1 and he seems to enjoy pushing him down and sitting on him quite often he has even been caught doing what appears to be choking him. I have tried time out i have tried talking....


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Aggression at Playgroup

My 16 month old son has just discovered pushing. While he doesn't do this very often (he is an only child and is not really into playing WITH kids at this age) when it does happen, I am not sure what to do. He has pushed my husband and I a few times and we have stopped the activity and tell him not to push; it's not nice etc. Today at playgroup, he was playing with a big set of instruments and when a child came up to play with one of them, he pushed him off to the side so he couldn't get to the toys (not very hard at all- no one was hurt...


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"Sit with Your Anger"

Have you heard this expression? What does it mean? Is it part of a bigger process for addressing your feelings? It sounds unpleasant and counterintuitive to me. Why would you want to wallow in your anger? Thanks for all your insights.


How to Control Anger

Hello all! I have a 3 year old son who is absolutely amazing! But recently,...


Bedwetting and Anger

My soon to be six year old girl has a problem controling her anger and has...


IUD & Anger?

I am wondering if anyone else is having anger issues? I have been...


Anger and Strattera

I am in need of some advice. My son was diagnosed in with a severe case of...


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Stepchildren Fighting with Each Other

my oldest daughter and my stepdaughter both are always on each other nerves and they are always fighting and alway calling each other names and its frusterating and both girls has been togather since they were 18 months old..They were best friends until they started Kindergarden and both girls live at home with us and they both are in same grade but different classes and i thought if i separate them in different classes they would stop fighting...there are some good days where they are not but 95 percent of the time they are at each other...


Too Much Fighting!!!

I have 3 children. 10, 7 and 18 months. The older two are consently fighting...