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Kindergarten Readiness

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

While recently at a preschool field trip with my daughter, I was at a table eating while discussing kindergarten with other moms, and was shocked at how many of the m...


Help with Kindergarten Readiness

A. asks from Lakeland

After my daughter was in daycare from 3 months to almost 3 years, my husband and I decided to become a one working parent family. I am now a stay at home mom, have be...


Preparing for Kindergarten

A.S. asks from Dallas

My oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I'm in a flurry trying to get everything ready. Gathering school supplies, clothes, making after ...


Ready for Kindergarten

N.S. asks from Greensboro

My daughter is 4 years old and has a September birthday. She has been going to a preschool for two years now and is in the fours class. I recently had a review with h...


Preschool to Kindergarten

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

My little boy turned 2 at the end of July and suddenly we are looking for preschools for Fall 09. It's surreal to be thinking of him as a preschooler when he just tur...


When to Start Kindergarten

B.K. asks from New York

My son is currently in preschool and he is the smallest kid and one of the youngest. His birthday is May 8. If I start him in kindergarten next year he will be turnin...


Won't Be Ready for Kindergarten!!!! What!???!!!

J.L. asks from Chicago

I had conferences regarding my 5 year old son. He missed the school year cut off so was in preschool this year. He turned 5 in September. He will be six when Kind...


Kindergarten Transition

R.W. asks from San Francisco

What do you wish you knew when you were trying to help you kiddo prep for the transition to kindergarten? I know that's a pretty broad question, but I would apprecia...



H.V. asks from Dallas

My youngest will be headed into Kindergarten and well i have to make sure he is 100% ready for it. He goes to speech twice a week and MDO twice a week. Is there some...


I'm Not in Kindergarten, SHE Is...

J.B. asks from Houston

Our daughter who is in kindergarten has homework that comes home every Monday. This homework isn't due until Friday, no biggie. But I cant send it back with her UNT...