Self Esteem

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Teaching Self-esteem

V.B. asks from Janesville-Beloit

We had a parent-teacher conference with my 4 year old's preschool teacher the other day, and one of the things she told us is he needs to work on self-esteem. Here's...


Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Girls

L.Z. asks from Boston

I may be overanalyzing this based on my own past, but I wanted to hear from other moms of little girls out there to find out if I am handling my 4-year old and her re...


How to Boost Teenager Daughter's Self-esteem

M.C. asks from Seattle

Hello mamas, My daughter just turned 14. She has all the qualities that a young lady could dream of: kind, smart, funny, sportive, gifted and physically beautiful. Y...


4 Year Old's Self Esteem

M.B. asks from Lafayette

My daughter is a very smart, funny, beautiful girl. She knows what she wants & is very organized. Of course, some of these things can cause some conflicts at such a...


Low Self Esteem or Just Completely Full of Herself?

L.A. asks from Chattanooga

I know someone who can't have a conversation with ANYONE without in some way bragging, talking herself up or relaying annoyingly personal information that implies tha...


Building Self-esteem for My 11 Year Old Daughter

B.F. asks from Decatur

My 11 yr old daughter has always had low self-esteem. Even when she was a toddler - she would say I can't do it. She would wait for her younger sister (1 yr younger) ...


Trying to Boost My 5 Yr. Old Daughter's Self Esteem.

N.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hi I'm having a little problem with my daughter and her class mates at school. They keep telling her they don't want to be her friend, because she doesn't have teeth ...


Self Esteem in 7 Yr Old Son--finding His "Thing":wants to Play in the Dirt

J.W. asks from Great Falls

Just wondering it anyone has any advice on guiding my 7 year old to finding his passion or something he is good at to boost his self esteem. He isn't a soccer/ bas...


How Do I Help My 10 Year Old Daughter Keep Her Good Self Esteem?

M.M. asks from San Antonio

I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter who will be in the 5th grade next year. My husband and I both struggle with weight issues and unfortunately our sweet girl ha...


Too Much Self Esteem??

C.M. asks from San Antonio

I am a little confused with my young son's behavior. I grew up in a very abusive home and was put down for everything, even for making straight a's. So I have alway...