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Looking for Help with House Cleaning

Looking for someone one day per week for help with house cleaning. Looking for a hard worker, honest, with housekeeping experience and a good reference/background check.

Dry Cleaner

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Dry Cleaning Question - Whites

The last time my dry cleaner laundered my white suits, they ruined them. They were tinged with a brown film (probably the cleaning solution they use). Is there an alternative I can use for my dry clean only whites? Something I can tell the dry cleaner? Thanks


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Housekeeping in West Fort Worth

hi moms! does anyone do housekeeping in or around white settlement? can some people who might be interested give me some rates and a quick overview of all the things you perform. i have never had one, nor have my parents ever had one, so i don't really know the whole process. thanks!

Seamstress & Tailor

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