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Looking for Help with House Cleaning

Looking for someone one day per week for help with house cleaning. Looking for a hard worker, honest, with housekeeping experience and a good reference/background check.

Dry Cleaner

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What Is Your Dry Cleaning Bill?

For those in the corporate world, or those who have hubbies who are, how much is your dry cleaning bill each month just for ONE person? ETA: Maybe I should clarify - for those who have to wear suits to work.....If I could wear business casual I wouldn't have a dry cleaning bill either! I am trying to compare to see if mine is reasonable. I am trying to cut costs, but this seems to be such a high bill each month! I wear things a few times before having them cleaned.


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Housekeeping in West Fort Worth

hi moms! does anyone do housekeeping in or around white settlement? can some people who might be interested give me some rates and a quick overview of all the things you perform. i have never had one, nor have my parents ever had one, so i don't really know the whole process. thanks!

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