Sick Child Care

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Sick Child Care

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, All, What do you do if you work or attend school full-time, spouse is not around and your young children are mildly ill (with a slight fever, runny nose, cough...


Sick Child Care

K.H. asks from Dallas

I was wondering what do you do with your kids when they are sick and you are working. I have yet to find someone to come care for them. My husband and I have been s...


Child Care for Sick Children

L.M. asks from New York

Hi, I need some input here....My husband and I work full time and my 4 year old son attends day care/school. The days that he is sick we dont have 'Grandma' (or a...


Day Care

C.B. asks from Miami

I recently in January took my seventeen month old son out of in home day care to a facility so that he could get more of a social interaction, but since i have put hi...


Day Care

J.H. asks from Missoula

I have a question for moms using daycare. My issue is that we get charged even if my son does not attend for the day (or week). We had brought it up last year when ...


Why Are We All So Sick?!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am beyond frustrated. I almost have to laugh at this point because it is so ridiculous. My family has been sick a total of 12 times in the past few months. And...



C.S. asks from Tampa

I got my 5 month old son sick! =( Should i give him some pedelite or juice instead of just formula?


Child Care

K.W. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Ladies, We are looking at opening a child care developmental center downtown. We are first trying to figure out the demand for this. Wanting to get some feed ba...


Sick of Being Sick

C.F. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, I know that having my 12 month old in daycare will give us plenty of colds, but I seem to be sick all the time. Right when we get better, we get sick again. ...


"I'm Sick"

S.D. asks from Boston

My daughter is in the 1st grade. Every so often I get the "I'm sick" card. I take her temp, it's normal, so off to school. Then I get a phone call from the school ...