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Tailbone, Sacral Pain While Pregnant

... some advice about possible remedies for pain in my tailbone area. I am 25 weeks pregnant, and sit a computer for 7..." ... Lower Back Pain at 28 Weeks ...

How Many Weeks Were You Pregnant When Your Doctor Talked to You About La Maz...

Jul 7, 2009 ... I'm 33 weeks now, and in this pregnancy my doctor probably started talking about Lamaze and labor and preparation last month. ...

Nagging Little Pains at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Nagging Little Pains at 5 Weeks Pregnant. This is my first child and I have felt every little pain there is but for about the last week and week 1/2 I have ...

13 Weeks pregnant-Got Dry Itchy Flaky Scalp

Is this normal during your pregnancy? Can someone..." ... by pregnancy week · pregnancy weeks · dry shampoo · 28 weeks · safe pregnancy · pregnancy due ...

Negative Pregnancy Test and Almost 2 Weeks Late

My cycle is religious every 28 days like clock work. I have taken 2..." ... I am still almost 2 weeks late and have never been late unless pregnant. ...

Flying While Pregnant

Read all 28 responses: "Is it safe to fly at the end of your 10th week of pregnancy? Most things say it is safe during second trimester. Does anyone know?

Showing at 6 Weeks? Am I Crazy???

Sep 4, 2009 ... Read all 13 responses: "Hi Moms, I am 6 weeks with my 3rd child and I SWEAR I'm ... pregnancy 6 weeks · 28 weeks 3 · 24 weeks · 28 weeks ...

Heartburn While You Are Pregnant...

I have a friend who is 28 weeks pregnant & she is having heart burn all day w/ anything that she eats! I got lucky & didn't have too much heart burn while I ...

Pregnant and Feeling Fat

I'm at 33wks pregnant now... Between weeks 28 and 29- I gained 14lbs. While trying to figure out where it came from (ie eating habits, fluid retention, ...

I'm Gaining Too Much Weight During My Pregnancy! Help!

okay you know that's not that much. i gained 64 lbs. in my pregnancy. ahhhh! weight is not ... Weight Gain During Pregnancy · 50 · Weight Gain at 28 Weeks ...
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  • flew during my first trimester in 2 answers "I flew during my first trimester and had no problems."
  • keep the barf bag in 2 answers "The elevation did make my nausea worse so keep the barf bag close - I threw up everytime ..."
  • round ligament pain in 2 answers "... the uterus stretching, from gas or even from constipation. Round ligament pain ..."
  • heartburn is very common in 2 answers "My doctor told me heartburn is very common during pregnancy since the baby puts upward ..."
  • gained a ton of weight in 2 answers "... mother has 7 children and during the first 6 pregnancies gained a ton of weight."