Social Life

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Social Groups for 17 Year Old

Hi Moms, I need to find a place where my child can socialize without fear of her peers using drugs and alcohol. It seems to me that all her friends are...


Christian Groups

I am looking for christian groups in Albany, Ny. more I am interested in evangel...

Book Clubs

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Book Club

Any new Moms in the area up for book club over coffee?...


Bunco And/or Book Club

Would anyone in the Louisville area be interested in starting up a Bunco group o...

Church Activities

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I am looking for an easy going, contemporary church to join in the Nixa/Springfied area. We just moved here and have not really been church goers in t...



My family just moved into Newtown a few months back! My son goes to Preschool in...

Dating Scene

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I am a single parent and was wondering how other single or divorced women go about dating?...


Dating Again!!!

I recently got divorced 7 months ago. I have three daughters ages 11, 10, and 8...


Questions on Dating

If there are any other single moms out there: does dating and having a child ev...


Dating Help

I know that most of ya'll are married, but have any of you used an internet dati...


Dating Your Spouse

How often do you guys go on dates? Are the husbands planning or do the wives ma...

Games & Cards

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Online Poker Question

Good afternoon, I am curious if the recent shut-down of the three major online poker sites has affected any of you or your households? Do any of you ...

Girls' Night Out

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Girls Night Out

I am a single mom of 3 who is trying to have a girls night out with my sister and would like any ideas of what other women do on their night out. It i...

Moms Groups

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Moms Groups

I am looking for a moms group to bring my 10 months old girls to during my time off this summer. Any recommendations? I live in Hyde Park, very close ...



Does anyone have a mom's group or playgroup that that they love?...


Moms Group

Ive been in a mom's play group for about 6 months. I have recently noticed that ...


Seeking Moms' Groups

Hello! I am seeking a moms' group/play group in the Indianapolis area and am no...


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Ok does Yoga really help you relax and does it really strengthen your muscles up??...


Prenatal Yoga

Does anyone know where I can take a prenatal yoga class? I love doing yoga at ho...


Yoga Video

I started doing prenatal yoga about a year and a half ago when I was pregnant wi...


Baby Yoga?

Have you seen the Baby Yoga videos where they swing the baby? What do you think...