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JFF - What Are Your Hobbies?

So in an attempt to get to know the fellow mamapedia'ers on here and to lighten the mood today - what are your hobbies? Mine: scrapbooking, journaling and reading. Yours: ?????


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What Do You Do with Your Children's Artwork?

Hi! I have a 2 year old son and I already have a large pile of his beautiful artwork. What do I do with it? I want to keep at least some of his art, but I know realistically I can't keep it all. Of course, I have some hanging on our fridge and in his bedroom. Does anyone have any good ideas for how to save my little man's artwork? Thanks for your help! You all are the bests!!

Blogging & Writing

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Do You Blog?

Who is a momma blogger? I'm always looking for good ones to read :) Why do you blog? What do you blog about?


Do You Have a Blog?

I'm thinking about setting up a blog. Have you done it? Do you have any...


Kids and Blogs

DD (10) wants to start a blog. I know nothing about blogging, nada. If...


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Dress Up

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Pretend Play or Dress Up?

Does anyone know of a place in the Plano area that our therapist can take my daughter to do pretend play or dress up or something interactive? My daughter has autism, and we do 30 hours a week of therapy. I am looking for a different setting than our home - she is sooo tired of all our stuff. The Clubhouse 4 Kids (parker and independence) is exactly the type of place I am looking for, but unfortunatley, they closed down. Any suggestions? Thanks. J.


Dress for a Funeral

Hi, My FIL has passed away. I am wondering how to dress my toddlers and...


Dress up Day

Hi Ladies, I need help. My daughter's school is having a Disney dress up...

Knitting & Crochet

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Learning to Knit...

I really want to learn to knit. I'd love to knit a sweater one day for my daughter. Any good books or sites that can help me learn how to knit? Thanks!


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Meditation Does It Work?

I need to find a way to calm myself better. I used to do meditation but I found that it wasn't helping, but then again I wasn't trying really hard. I am angry more often than not. It is mostly relationship related, and now my extended family and close family is on my case. I have to do something before exploding. Therapy is a long term goal, but for now I need something that I can do to find a way to bring the boiling pot to simmer. My husband is trying to work with me more, and being more understandable about most everything, but with...

Other Crafts

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Craft Fair Crafters

Are any of you mamas crafters that set up booths at fairs? My school is trying to put together its first Fall craft fair and we have no idea how much to charge for booth space. We can supply the tables & chairs, if that makes a difference. Any advice would be great! I would also love to hear where you can finder crafters for the fair...is there a place crafters go to see about fairs in their area? Thanks a bunch! J.


Do It Yourself Crafts

Does anyone know the basics of plate painting? Like, what kind of plates and...


Arts and Crafts

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas for arts and crafts. I am...


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Want to Learn Photography

Any suggestions for local photography classes? I have found that getting photos taken of my kids at all of the important milestones is getting quite expensive. I want to learn how to do it myself. Obviously not looking to make a profession out of it but still be good enough to blow up some of my own shots to be framed and hung on my walls. Even looking at investing in a digital SLR camera (no, I don't know exactly what this means, I just notice that that's what all the photo people use!!!) LOL!


Digital SLR Camera

I am looking for a good SLR camera. It is time to upgrade! I take tons of...


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Books to Read

I love to read. I have finished the Hunger Games Trilogy in a week. I just finished all three Fifty Shades book in a week.... I have read most of Jodi Piccoult, Greg Isles, James Patterson .... Anyone have any good series or authors that they can suggest. I would realy like something that has several books to the series. Something that will keep me busy for more than a week.

Reading or Book Club

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Book Club for Mommy

I would love to start a book club! If anyone is interested, it would be 1 eve or 1 afternoon a month. I believe that reading and meeting other moms is a good way to have some fun. Winter is coming and it is the perfect time to catch up on the books we all have been meaning to read. email me if you would like to join, see you soon.


Book Club Needed

Hello! I live in the south Mpls area and would love to join or start a book...


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Are There ANY Scrapbookers Out There?

Hi Everyone, I am looking for ladies that would be interested in getting together once a week or so to scrapbook while the kids are at school. I have been scrapbooking for about 16 months since my youngest was born. I usually go to Recollections because they have such a wide selection of everything you need. I also sell Creative Memories & try to do Friday night Crops with friends & love that but since my favorite little Scrapook Cottage moved I don't have anywhere or anyone to crop with during the day while my 10 yr old is in...

Sewing & Quilting

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Buying Sewing / Quilting Machine

Hello everyone! I've always heard that Singer is the best machine. Is that really so? Please help me pick out a sewing / quilting machine. It would be great to hear your opinions (pros & cons)about specific machines as well. I will be a beginner, but, dedicated to learning. Thank you in advance!! -V


Having a Quilt Made

Hi Moms - my kids have a bin full of clothes that I've kept - those "babies...


Baby Memory Quilt

I posted this about a year ago and thought I would try it again. I am...


Baby Clothes Quilt

I would like to start making a quilt made from my daughters clothes. This...


Making a Quilt

Hi. I have always wanted to make a quilt that I could pass down to my...


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Buying a Camcorder

Hi Moms, With all the choices and options on camcorders these days I have become overwhelmed. We have a family vacation coming up (with lots of family) and I would like to purchase a camcorder to capture the memories. I have seen some out there that even do still images. Does anyone own one that they love and would recommend to another mom? Which is preferable, the kind that records to the mini DVDs or the one with a hard drive. I really appreciate any comments/advice. Thanks so much.


Purchase a Camcorder

I was thinking of purchasing a camcorder. I am completely overwhelmed of...


Advice on Camcorder

Does anyone have or can recommend a good personal camcorder to tape my...


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Yoga Specifically Hot/bikram Yoga

Has anyone here done yoga and if so what kind, what did you like and not like about it? I am specifically interested in hot/bikram yoga... what is it like, is it too hot? Thanks


Yoga for Children

Hello...I am wondering if anyone here has their kids in Yoga classes. I was...


Yoga with Childcare

Looking for a yoga studio that has childcare or offers both. Anyone know of...


Yoga in DFW?

I am 22 weeks pregnant. I have been reading alot about yoga during...


Yoga for Kids???

Has anyone had their kids do a yoga class? What were your reasons for...