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A Very Whiney Stage!!!

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

my son will be 4 in august and latley he has been sooooo whiney!!! It is driving me crazy. we have a 1 year old also and i dont know if its a bit of jealosy with her ...


How to Stop the Whining?

L.B. asks from Provo

my oldest boy will be 3 in April and whines a lot. he's starting to add the 'a' sound at the end of mommy and other words. i also have a 15 month old son who does not...



K.H. asks from Dallas

My 51/2 y/o son has been whining about everything lately. Not just when he is tired, but all the time! It is about to drive me crazy. Is this normal at this age?



E.C. asks from Tampa

I have two beautiful children, a 9 year old girl named Bailee and a 6 year old son named Brandon. They are complete opposites.. Bailee is very articulate and quiet, l...


Whining... Help Finishing a Sentence.

R.B. asks from Chico

Okay, so we're trying to help our three-year-old move beyond whining to communicating in way that more effectively invites others to want to help. Here's the sentenc...



J.A. asks from Altoona

My nearly 3yr old whines A LOT! I have tried taking toys away every time he whines and the treat of taking one away seems to work the best. But its still not effect...


Whining 10 Year Old

C.J. asks from Jacksonville

I have a son who is 10 who still whines alot. He whines over everything from not getting his way to taking a shower. He will be in middle school next year so this h...



A.F. asks from Dallas

Help! Our six year old daughter whines constantly when I am around. She is great for everyone else, but the minute I step in a room, that sound starts coming out of ...



A.C. asks from Rockford

I have a 6 yrs old son who has gotten the habit to whine when he wants something or if theres something wrong, It drives me crazy how can I get him to stop please...


Kids Whining

M.K. asks from Los Angeles

My son is one more month to be 6 year old. Sometimes he is angry or sad for little matters and no one knows what is wrong with him. We guess maybe it is hot or he is ...