Taking Temperature

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Best Thermometer

B.W. asks from Louisville

Not a fan of the current thermometer I use...it takes too long to read, and with a squirming 7 month old, that is near impossible. Any recommendations on a good ther...



A.M. asks from New York

I am looking to buy a new inexpensive ($0-$40) thermometer. Any suggestions?



S.N. asks from Phoenix

Hi Mom's I am looking for a new thermometer for the little one. I need something that is quick and accurate as the little one does not like to sit still for long to ...



M.G. asks from Chicago

Hi! I'm looking for a good thermometer to use with my nine month old boys. I can't seem to find one that is consistent, let alone accurate. What brands have you ...



A.P. asks from Minneapolis

I am trying to find a good thermometer. I have tried a couple of the in the ear ones but have not been pleased with their innacuracy. Does anyone have some recomendat...



J.G. asks from Columbus

Can anyone recommend a good brand of thermometer for use with babies/toddlers? I really would like one that takes an ear reading, and would like some advice before I...


No Thermometer

J.✰. asks from San Antonio

I cooked a turkey today (we'll be at family's for TG. Got this turkey b/c it's on sale and we'll eat on it for the next week). Anyway - I don't have a thermometer. ...


Which Thermometer to Buy?

S.D. asks from Jacksonville

Any advice on what kind of thermomter to buy that will work for my 18 month old? I know that taking his temp rectally is the most accurate, but let's say he doesn't ...



S.A. asks from Saginaw

What kind of Thermometers do you use for taking your kids' temperature. I have one that goes under the tongue, and I feel it is not accurate. Thanks.